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Monthly Archive for: ‘March, 2014’


Reality check

“Don't try to be original, just try to be good.” Paul Rand by Mies Van Der Rohe Lately I've been thinking about the significance of this quote and mostly, about the exaggeration of what they call "uniqueness". Did originality lose its importance? If we analyze this situation, it would be easy to see that it is harder and harder to create something original, considering what has been created till now. Although, there are many who aspire to original ideas or their original implementation....
bubbles wide

PR your way into your client’s heart

You don’t need to be a PR Specialist to secure your client’s sympathy and loyalty, but a little PR knowledge can go a long way when dealing with a person to whom you’re supplying services. It’s all about communication! It is a generally known fact that PR reps have a way with words; they know that communication is the key to establishing a long-term relationship with the client and they know how to do it properly.   But you don’t need to have the PR Specialist...

Slowly. Slowlyyy…

Being an Account Specialist may not appeal to you as much as other marketing jobs... but look at it from my perspective: you know everything that's going on in the agency, you're connected with all the clients and you definitely get to learn new things every day... I mean every day! Got your attention? Let's dive into my shoes for one day as an account specialist at Loopaa:   Coffee is pouring slowly. Slowly.SLOWLY.It seems like a quiet day, and that is usually a sign that it's not...
Loopaa's partners

Your dedicated marketing agency

After roughly one year since I’ve started this agency, it’s time to take it at a new level. This spring, I’m restating Loopaa’s position as a marketing agency, and how to do it better than having besides me some great marketing professionals? I’m pleased to announce that Loopaa is getting stronger with 3 new partners which I’ve worked with during my experience over the past 8 years. 3 new partners, 3 main areas of expertise: strategy, creativity and digital...