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Monthly Archive for: ‘April, 2014’

Banner Market Study Cluj 2014

Loopaa reveals the most beloved Cluj brands

Once upon a time, there was this bunch of advertising addicts, gathered within a creative playhouse named Loopaa, who were very curious about the marketing realities in Cluj-Napoca. They wanted to know which are the most beloved brands in our beloved city, and since there was nobody to shed light onto this matter, they took the matter into their own hands.   So, what did the loopies do? They set out on a noble quest, conducting the first ever market research which analyzes the...
Numbers Dont Lie

How numbers talk to people

As human beings, we all are different... and we all know that. Some of us relate better to images, others to text and I - to numbers. My job is all about numbers, as market research consists of constant number analysis. By working in this field, I have learned that numbers talk to people. But the question that arises here is: do we know how to listen?   My first contact with market research and the whole numbers game that comes with it, was during my student years. At the time,...