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Monthly Archive for: ‘November, 2014’

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Launch of MarComics

Yes! We did it! It was a lot of fun and hard work to create the first Romanian comic book about Marketing & Business. As marketers, we’re facing a lot of challenges in our everyday work, so we wanted to capture a part of this “fun” in what we call MarComics. This comic book evolved during 4 months of continuous creative work and the Loopies of our agency really made it happen. This Wednesday, at Marketing Tribe 2.0, it was the perfect moment and place to announce the print...
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The pursuit of Engagement in the Software Industry

Marketing has changed dramatically for the past few years and it has changed us too, as marketers or business owners. We’ve seen the fall of the unidirectional communication, the appearence of big-data and the constant technology development that led to more and more innovations. Even the brand perception has changed (obviously, from the consumer’s point of view). Now, the consumer needs to be engaged, needs to be part of our brand and he demands it, because his expectations have...
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The Marketing Community

Someone said: Two heads are better than one... The same principle applies to the core concept of Marketing Tribe, the local (for now) community of Marketers in Cluj-Napoca. Have to admit that this project represents a lot to me personally as I’ve organized the first edition in 2013. But why is it so important? Why do we, marketers, need a community?   Well, it’s basically the same reason for which mankind has evolved... I know, it sounds so dramatic. However, through my...