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Fool others and you fool yourself.

Fool others and you fool yourself

Why brands should communicate honestly with their audiences. April Fool’s is nearly here. It’s a day in which we try to prank and deceive our friends, co-workers and other people, but in a fairly harmless, fun-filled way (hopefully, at least). However, trying to fool and deceive people is never an option for brands. It may have worked a few decades ago but, in this day and age, it’s inadmissible and highly ineffective. On the contrary, brands should always strive to have an honest and...
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Mk4IT: The key for having a strong employer brand

Do you want your company to be the employer of choice? Of course you do! For this you need a strong employer brand that positions your company in the mind of your target employees as the best place to work. Here are some of benefits for your company will receive if it becomes the employer of choice: 1. The time you invest in hiring people will be the lowest in the industry. 2. The best specialists will be waiting at your company's door. 3. Your clients will choose your company...
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Mk4IT: One factor that could lead to your company disappearing

Tudor Galoș, Consumer Marketing Manager at Microsoft and one of the main speakers from the conference Marketing 4 IT, talked about many factors that influence the way we do business nowadays. He told the audience about the importance of growth hacking, about the fact that everything is digital now, and he also mentioned one important factor that could lead to your company  disappearing. Can you imagine that one day your company will not exist anymore if you don't take care of one...
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MK4IT: Two dilemmas of the IT companies in Cluj

The IT industry in Cluj has evolved exponentially because of the rapid growth of the outsourcing companies. Unfortunately, everyone is thinking that, one day, the outsourcing model wont work anymore, because it is a price-sensitive market. In the end, the clients will switch to companies in other countries that offer cheaper cost/hour. This brought two challenges and dilemmas for the IT companies in Cluj: 1. The first one is if they should prepare to abandon the outsourcing model and start...
You Are A Great CEO Cover

Are you a great CEO?

Of course we are! (I'm in the same boat as you on this one) But what's the meaning of this question? We are enthusiastic, we do hope for the best... we work day and night for the sake of getting noticed by others, we make the impossible... possible! And we are there for the people: for our employees, for clients, suppliers and any other business partners. There's no trouble in answering phone calls at 2 a.m. Or even spend 10 hours a day reading emails. There is NOTHING that you wouldn't...
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MK4IT: Top advices for communicating the Employer Brand

One of the biggest challenges for IT companies in Cluj-Napoca is to communicate their Employer Brand. There is a real fight for talents, so marketers and HR specialists have to be armed all the time with the best marketing tactics they know. Victor Gavronschi, the CEO of the agency, talked about the subject at the Marketing 4 IT conference. In this article we want to share with you his 4 advices for communicating the Employer Brand. Briefly here are the 4 advices: 1. Be...
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