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Marketing Strategy

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What a marketer does is fight in the battle of the marketplace. The battlefield is the consumer mind. Time to conquer by positioning and differentiation. Competitors won’t stand a chance… not even a small one. Read more…

Branding & Concepts

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A brand is a signature on an implied contract between a product and a consumer. Treat your brand with proper ‘penmanship’ and it will reward you with growth, memorability and loyalty, even love… sometimes. Read more…

Online Marketing

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The world wide web is a really big place. And your website is one piece of Internet real estate. You can choose to make it grandiose, like a palace. Or maybe a fortress. With fire-breathing dragons and unicorn-riding robots from another dimension. Read more…

PR & Events

PR & Communications

Back in the Dark Ages of public relations, you only needed to create a message and then deliver it to your audience as best you could. In today’s PR we need to genuinely connect to the public, to start a sincere relationship and nourish it throughout time. Read more…

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Employer branding marketing strategy for the win! – How does marketing strategy work for IT companies?

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Top 5 predictions for Digital Marketing trends in 2018

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Marketing Strategy

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