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What is Loopaa, you ask?

I guess we could say it’s a playhouse for a bunch of marketing and advertising addicts cycling through euphoria and withdrawal.

And there’s always newer and newer ways for us to get our fix.

Today it’s social media marketing. Tomorrow it’s augmented reality mobile apps.

And who knows what next week can bring? To keep it plain, what we do is creative marketing. Come, take a look.

What they say about us:

  • Adrian Orasan, Managing Director, Beck et al. Services Romania

    At the beginning of our cooperation with Loopaa Marcom we were facing low click rate for our ads, because they were not correctly understood and the audience didn’t know exactly what to expect. In the second phase, Loopaa came with the proposal to offer an analysis of the most common problems of our customers in a form of an ebook, which proved to be the right solution to capture the attention of the audience and inevitably their intention to discuss with us about the solution. Most probably we will continue this way of approaching the audience on local market with an extension to other IT solutions from our portfolio.
  • Jaco du Plessis, CEO Theranova

    After contacting Loopaa through an email in an outcry of help, I met with Victor Gavronschi. Victor and his team got involved with emotional conviction and tenacity. I am positively thrilled to say that our online presence is respected today and has led to a significant increase in the number and quality of people we reach and serve. Loopaa reflects the professionalism and commitment our team represents. Their experience in modern marketing solutions has certainly made a wonderful impact in marrying our services with people who are in need of us.
  • We were very fortunate to have chosen Loopaa Marketing Agency for our company’s branding process. Their service was very professional and efficient. They delivered the best mix of creativity, quality and affordability. I would definitely recommend Loopaa to anyone who needs a professional approach and most of all... results.
  • Victor Gavronschi is one of the smart guys I had the chance to work with during his first career years and I was absolutely happy that he confirmed the potential I saw in him. During these years he confirmed his capacity of understanding the automotive market, which he mastered a couple of years after in another major company in automotive industry. As a marketing specialist his proposals and efforts showed results in company sales and I would be glad to collaborate with him in the future on similar projects.
  • Iulia Bârgăuan, Business Development Manager, Servelect

    Loopaa has helped Servelect grow amazingly over the past year. The first work we did together - designing a new website for one of our services - proved their skills as Online Marketers. Moreover, this partnership was worth a fortune to our company, as we won some important new contracts. If you are looking for high quality marketing services that will ensure your success on the market, use Victor’s agency: Loopaa. I strongly believe that he is the best solution for your marketing needs.

The Loopies

Victor Gavronschi


Loopaa’s fearless Leader

Give me ideas to reject! Nah, just kidding. I love ideas and stories and Loopaa is all about that. Come take a look!

Marin Gava


Creative Jedi Master

Also called a One-Man-Agency, he can do ’em all. Websites. Designing. Adwords. “Do or do not, there is no try.” is his favorite quote.

Adrian Abrudan


Master Shifu

The expert of figures: Sales. Market shares. Strategic partners. Return on investments. Budgets and Timelines. More than you know about yourself!

Calin Biris


Digital Navigator

We are hyperconnected in the endless sea of links and status updates. I like to surf the waves in the storm and help brands ride along with me.

Alexandra Zainescu


Marketing Enchantress

Write about myself? What are you talking about? Don’t have time for that, have you seen my desk? Appointments, accounts, tasks, mails, phone calls and… lots of coffee!

Melinda Mandaras


Account High-Sorceress

Her powers revolve around the usage of numbers and complex strategies to construct powerful spells. Melinda is known for her ability to warp the space-time-continuum into extending impossible deadlines.


Claudiu Pușcaș

Marketing Warlock

Possessing a wide array of mystical marketing abilities, Claudiu is the go-to magic creature when an emergency arises. He deals with powerful spells, charms and enchantments which help him fix any issue, from developing a campaign on fast-forward to supervising our clients’ booths.

Iulia Boieru

Iulia B.

Creative Sorceress

Iulia mastered the art of design sorcery stunningly fast, turning into a high sorceress in a flick of a wand. Highly intuitive and imaginative, Iulia is able to conjure bewitching minimalistic designs with a mere raise of her magic staff.