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Blog How to make a difference as a marketer for the IT Industry

How to make a difference as a marketer for the IT Industry

In the fast-growing IT sector, it’s crucial that you have the best marketing mix. You need to have a multi-channel marketing plan that will constantly be supported by a dedicated sales team, as well as enthusiastic marketers, in order to convince potential customers. But which are the most important tools you need to master to become a real IT Industry Ninja Marketer? Here they are, from our experience: You need a creative, information-efficient and sales-oriented website. First of all,...
Marcomics season 2 - trailer

MarComics – Season 2 (Trailer)

Remember these guys?  Of course you do! How could you forget our witty and wacky loopies and their funny but so true marketing experiences? Throughout the first season of MarComics – our marketing satire series – we’ve portrayed many adventures, frustrations and funny situations that marketers go through in their day to day lives. For the second season, we intend to do the same, but better! Loopier! Check out the trailer below and keep an eye out for the first episode of Season 2 –...
marketing strategy


We will have 3 articles on this topic. Today’s subject is: How MOBILE-READY is your business? You can Google it, check-out trends, ask online specialists - the answer is the same: all of us must update our mobile communication yearly. Of course, some have made a few steps towards this by now, and some believe it is not necessary yet. We highly recommend using the checklist below: 1. Am I using responsive design techniques? We highlight below the main argument. The bottom line is how much...
Marketing business events autumn 2015

The best Business & Marketing events in this autumn

Are you ready to restart your business engines in this autumn? We created for you a list of the best Business & Marketing events in the next three months. Open your calendar and get down to business: 21 - 27 September, Bucharest – Adfel This is the only event in Romania dedicated entirely to unconventional advertising. This year Adfel celebrates 10 years of existence. 24 - 25 September, Bucharest - SEM Days  The largest Search Conference in Romania will bring 18 international...
Online Marketing Specialist Vs Marketing Agency

Online Marketing Specialist Vs. Marketing Agency – Which is best for you?

Online Marketing can’t be ignored anymore. Before making any purchase decision, the consumers are doing online research and are getting more informed than ever. Just take a look at the following charts.       Source:   That’s why your company needs a good online presence. If you want to have good results there are two options: have an Online Marketing Specialist in-house or work together with a...

A fresh approach in the Automotive industry

This year we've set-up a partnership with Denso, one of the worldwide leading spare parts producer, managing their marketing activities in Romania and Hungary. One of our first main challenges was to find a way of engaging automotive specialists during events organized by major distributors throughout Eastern Europe, in countries such as Poland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. Considering specific objectives relating brand-awareness and sales, we've come up with a fresh approach that...
we believe in good planning

Compania mea sau Echipa mea? (RO article)

Vorbim azi de identitate si ne punem intrebarea: o agenda originala face diferenta? Facem studiul de caz pe agenda Loopaa 2015. Nu o consideram agenda perfecta, dar putem puncta cateva aspecte conceptuale care ne-au ajutat in diferentiere printr-o imagine puternica si prin elemente care au sudat echipa. De aici si titlul newsletterului nostru de azi, aparent fara legatura cu studiul nostru de caz, dar in fapt, un tool veritabil. (suna mai Cool in Engleza) Contacteaza-ne daca doresti sa...
Game of tribes

We are part of the tribe

Next Tuesday, on the 30th of June, we will be present at the Game Of Tribes Gala, here in Cluj-Napoca. The event is intended to award the best marcom campaigns from the last two years created and managed by local companies, NGO's, event organisers and agencies. Definitely, it's a must-be-there for all of us, marcom professionals. This is the first edition of this event and it's the first time that such a competition, dedicated to local MarCom campaigns, is organised in Cluj. The project is...
products presentation in eCommerce

The future of products presentation in eCommerce

Product presentations in online shops are pretty much the same and didn't change since we have eCommerce platforms. It is standard to have 3 or 4 pictures of the same product that customers can zoom to inspect what they will buy. Some of the more advanced eShops have also video presentations and that's a plus. But what can be the future of product presentation in eCommerce? Cluj-Napoca is a city where a lot of IT innovation takes place, even though not all projects are public and well known....
Marketing KPI Stories - Process Responsible

Marketing KPI Stories: Process Responsible

Do you know who is achieving the best results for your company? Learn more about this KPI and see the related KPIs too.  KPI name: Process Responsible Definition: Here we propose a KPI that is not that usual for marketers. Still, for those being in the position where marketing budget involves other departments too, having a map with all necessary marketing processes is mandatory. Why? Because to influence positively a KPI you must know who from the company is involved and why results...
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