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TeCOMM Bucuresti 2017

TeCOMM 2017 – Sell them your story

This year we had the pleasure to participate at the 10th edition of TeCOMM, hosted at Radisson Blu***** hotel in Bucharest. Until now 2.000 people already attended at the TeCOMM conferences. Because the organisers just announced the next eCommerce event that will take place in October in Cluj-Napoca, we want to share with you how was the edition in Bucharest. The main theme of the event was “Sell them your story”, because there is a big opportunity for online shops in Romania to be...
Capture Bratislava Loopaa

The Loopies captured Bratislava with their creativity

Once a year, we put our minds to work, to draw the best strategy in order to conquer a place (of course, in a metaphoric and peaceful way). This year, we chose a challenging target - Bratislava - and, after a long and careful period of planning, we defined the best ways in which to subdue everything on our road to Bratislava to our will. The beginning of the story Ready to go on the battlefield, we decided to give a final boost to our creativity. Just like a true warrior, we broke down our...
GPEC 2017

Why we loved GPeC 2017 and what is in it for you if you are in eCommerce

Advertising and marketing are ever-changing, just like human behaviour. If you are not hungry for information and if you are not fighting for adapting your methods, the industry will eject you out of your clients way. This is why we went to GPeC Summit 2017 (Gala Premiilor eCommerce Summit 2017) and we loved it. Why so? It was a 3 day conference about the eCommerce overview, with facts and figures about online shopping, consumers' behaviour, conversion rates, mobile data,...
the brand manual

6 reasons why a brand manual is the stepping stone of any company

 “I can do without one!”, “Why waste time and money on that?”, “I know my company and that’s all I care about”. Does any of those phrases sound even remotely familiar? If you don’t truly grasp why you should invest in a brand manual, here are 6 reasons why you should. Reason no 1: it comprises the essence of a brand A brand manual, or an identity manual, acts like a company rulebook. It is a document that comprises the most relevant aspects of a brand, both related to the...
Cover Mk4IT aftermovie

MK4IT 2017: the aftermovie

It’s been a little more than a month since the second edition of our own personal conference, MK4IT, and we are already missing it. We miss you, the attendees, the atmosphere, our speakers and, most of all, your thirst for knowledge. The bad news is that we have to wait a while until we will meet again. But, rest assured, we will meet again. On the bright side, the aftermovie is finally here. Our friends and partners from AV Media Productions finished editing the clip. They managed to...
Marketing 4 IT wrap up

Over 150 professionals found out how to develop winning Employer Branding and Product Marketing strategies

After months of intensive preparations, the second edition of our own conference, MK4IT, took place on Thursday, the 23rd of February. Over 150 marketing and HR professionals from local IT companies chose to wake up early and come to Impact Hub, to discover how to develop winning Employer Branding and Product Marketing strategies. After they grabbed a cup of coffee to push the last remnants of sleepiness away, they proceeded into the main conference room, to attend the Employer Branding...
Loopaa Vizual Articol 790x330px 21 02 17

Pe ce trebuie să se axeze marketerii din companiile de IT pentru a-și promova eficient produsele

De câte ori ai stat ore în șir întrebându-te care e cea mai bună abordare, în ce direcție să te îndrepți, cum să ajungi cu mesajele direct în sufletul publicului țintă? Promovarea produselor din IT, un domeniu extreme de dinamic, poate fi dificilă. Trei dintre speakerii MK4IT, Anca Bundaru, Dan Tănăsescu și Mircea Vădan, îți arată pe ce anume trebuie să pui accentul dacă vrei să-ți promovezi în mod eficient produsele. Validarea produsului, elaborarea unei...
Trandurile in Employer Branding

Care sunt trendurile anului 2017 în Employer Branding

Procesul de Employer Branding a căpătat în ultimii ani o atenție tot mai mare. Dacă în urmă cu zece ani puține companii românești puneau accentul pe modul în care sunt privite din afară, acum se luptă între ele pentru a atrage și reține angajații. O parte din speakerii celei de-a doua ediții a conferinței MK4IT îți dezvăluie care sunt trendurile în Employer Branding pe care trebuie să le iei în considerare pentru a reuși să consolidezi imaginea companiei...
Marketing 4 IT + Zoom In

[Special Offer] Marketing 4 IT + Zoom In = LOVE

Our partners Azimut Happy Employees, just announced they are organising the HR development conference Zoom In, with science based workshops and functional training. The event will take place on the 27th of April, at The Office, in Cluj-Napoca. If you register, you will have the chance to gain insights about organisational well-being: Financial well-being - insights from an expert on Behavioral Economics about what constitutes financial well-being within an organisation and how can you...
provocarile marketerilor

[RO] Provocările marketerilor, în viziunea speakerilor MK4IT. Te confrunți cu ele?

Cu toții știm cât de importantă este dezvoltarea unei strategii eficiente de Product Marketing pentru ca produsele lansate să se bucure de succes pe piață. Însă elaborarea unui plan bine pus la punct se dovedește a fi uneori o misiune destul de dificilă. Speakerii MK4IT au identificat, la cererea noastră, care sunt principalele provocări cu care se confruntă marketerii pe partea de Product Marketing. Te invităm să afli, în rândurile de mai jos, la ce anume trebuie să...
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