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Marketing 4 IT + Zoom In

[Special Offer] Marketing 4 IT + Zoom In = LOVE

Our partners Azimut Happy Employees, just announced they are organising the HR development conference Zoom In, with science based workshops and functional training. The event will take place on the 27th of April, at The Office, in Cluj-Napoca. If you register, you will have the chance to gain insights about organisational well-being: Financial well-being - insights from an expert on Behavioral Economics about what constitutes financial well-being within an organisation and how can you...
provocarile marketerilor

[RO] Provocările marketerilor, în viziunea speakerilor MK4IT. Te confrunți cu ele?

Cu toții știm cât de importantă este dezvoltarea unei strategii eficiente de Product Marketing pentru ca produsele lansate să se bucure de succes pe piață. Însă elaborarea unui plan bine pus la punct se dovedește a fi uneori o misiune destul de dificilă. Speakerii MK4IT au identificat, la cererea noastră, care sunt principalele provocări cu care se confruntă marketerii pe partea de Product Marketing. Te invităm să afli, în rândurile de mai jos, la ce anume trebuie să...
De ce au nevoie companiile de un brand de angajator

[RO] De ce ar trebui companiile românești să investeacă în Employer Branding? Ce zic speakerii MK4IT

Cât de mult contează imaginea unei companii? Ce importanță are felul în care o firmă este percepută din exterior? O parte din speakerii celei de-a doua ediții a conferinței Marketing 4 IT vă împărtășesc de ce ar trebui companiile românești să investeacă în Employer Branding. La invitația noastră, Sorina Bradea, Laura Chiculiță, Andreea Nicolescu, Antonia Onaca și Marius Pop ne-au împărtășit din experiența lor cu privire la importanța brand-ului de angajator....
Marketing 4 IT - IT's time for an upgrade

One month left… What topics will be discussed? Mk4IT

The only marketing conference dedicated to the IT companies from Romania, Marketing 4 IT, is just around the corner. A month before the event, we are proudly presenting the list of the topics that will be discussed. The conference, now in its second edition, will be centered around the “Employer Branding & Product Marketing: Arts You Can Master” theme. The event will include two panels, a keynote speech and a workshop section, so that the participants can gather both theoretical and...
Loopaa Banner Articol Automation V1 790X330 17 01 2017

What No One Tells You about Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is one of the most talked about technology trends in the digital marketing field. And it’s worth the talk. Why? Let’s find out! Marketing automation (the tool and the strategy) is, indeed, a highly valuable instrument for marketing departments. It simplifies the lead nurturing process, provides real-time data of your campaigns and helps you automate the most time-consuming processes. As good as it sounds, this is not a plug and place solution. It’s not something...
marketing 4 IT - Sit Down with the professionals

Representatives from LinkedIn, eJobs, BestJobs, on the same stage, at MK4IT 2017

Representatives from the most important online recruiting platforms will gather together on the 23rd of February in Cluj-Napoca, to join the second edition of the MK4IT (Marketing for IT) conference. The list of speakers from the only marketing event dedicated to the IT companies from Romania includes Laura Gregg, Media Solutions Consultant LinkedIn, Marius Pop, Product Manager Talent BestJobs and Laura Chiculiţă, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) eJobs Romania. They will share the stage...
Loopaa Vizual Articol 790x330px 21 12 16

Online Marketing trends from 2016 you should consider in 2017

In 2016 we saw some interesting trends that got the consumers to feel like they were the stars of a reality show, 24/7, on their mobile phones and laptops. Here are 7 of the most important trends we observed during this year. 1. Video is king This year, video was king on Facebook. We can see our newsfeeds flooded by videos everyday. This trend started last year and in 2016 the LIVE feature got everyone hyped, making them produce more videos. Even though YouTube has the Live feature since...
Loppaa Infografic 790X330 22 12 2016

2016 – A year in review for Loopaa

Dear Loopaa friends and partners, It’s been a loopieFULL year. We’ve had our ups and downs as any business has, but... most important of all, we’ve gone through them together. Here are some of the greatest experiences we’ve had in 2016: We’ve started the year with a race against time, creating new event booth concepts, building amazing structures and visiting 7 countries throughout Europe in order to get those booths up and ready for the show.The Loopies, back at the office, had...
Face to face with the creative team

Face to face with the creative team – insights on the development of a brand manual

The creative Loopies, the ones that usually hide their pretty faces behind huge desktops, decided to step out of their protective environment. On Thursday, 24th of November, some of them gathered all their will and went to get acquainted with the students of the College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences. Thrilled to meet the future designers, but a bit anxious about the encounter with so many knowledge seekers, three members of the creative department stepped on stage...
Header Roadshow DENSO

Campaign to the MAX: DENSO’s Roadshow

This year, during October, something really cool happened... More than 1000 garages throughout Romania were visited, as part of a national Roadshow, organized by DENSO. And Loopaa was the one that made it possible. Yes, we're proud of it because there was no such campaign organized in Romania till now, in the Automotive Aftermarket field. Leaving aside all the sleepless nights, all the unexpected "suprises" and the anxiousness of the unknown. Bottom line, we've done it and the results are...
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