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Case study – Diego – SEO & Social Media

SEO and Social Media Awareness

for retail products


Company Story 

Diego Romania is a franchise network of interior design present in 3 countries, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. Diego offers products such as carpets, curtains, flooring, etc.

The Goal 

Diego wanted to raise awareness of their products, generate traffic on their website, strengthen their organic search position and raise awareness on social media channels.

The Challenge

In order to target the proper audience and manage to advertise the products, we encountered several challenges:

1. to find a way to generate a lot of diversified content.

2. to find a way to generate organic likes and engagement on Diego’s Facebook page.

3. to find a way to generate qualitative content for SEO.

4. to build relationships with Romanian bloggers.

The solution

The solution for all of these challenges was to become a sponsor for the spring edition of the SuperBlog contest.

SuperBlog is a creative blogging contest creating a communication bridge between bloggers and businesses. It gives bloggers the opportunity to prove their skills as online communicators and allows brands to communicate to and via bloggers.

The Results

This is what happened in 10 days during the 2 rounds of the competition:

125 Bloggers enrolled
216 Written articles with qualitative content
1647 Links – every one of them leading to Diego products or services
2683 New fans on Facebook
10 x Increased Engagement rate on Facebook
66142 New visitors on Diego’s webpage
First position in organic searches for every keyword of the campaign.