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Case study – Tot ce misca

Company Story is one of the newest media projects from Transylvania, launched in the summer of 2016. The news platform targets active people, the ones that are constantly on the move and who want to be kept up-to-date with everything that happens in their city. Its purpose is to act as a trustworthy guide, by providing useful info about events, concerts, public places, sports, lifestyle, travel, business, health, culture etc.

The Goal

Our client wanted to define the project’s visual identity, in order to be able to launch the platform. Specifically, he needed a logo and a tagline. Both of them had to be in tune with the platform’s name and to reflect the brand’s concept as much as possible.

The tagline

We developed three tagline versions, each of them conveying a slightly dierent idea. The chosen tagline, “Activ. Actual. Ca tine.” (Active. Up-to-date. Just like you.), captures, in just a few words, the very essence of the project. As stated by the name itself, the platform is characterized by dynamism, therefore is an “active” one. Just like any other news platform, it has to be constantly updated in order to be relevant for its target audience, so it’s “up-to-date”. Last but not least, it’s a project that wants to build its own community of like-minded people, to be just like them.

The concept

logo concept

For our first logo concept proposal we decided to develop a typographic logo. We wanted to transmit the idea of energy, of motion, therefore we used a calligraphic script font that’s slightly tilted to the right. The curved motion line that crosses the two “t”s from the platform’s name and leaves a strong dot on the letter “i” enhances even further the idea of dynamism, by conveying a sense of movement and flow.

Regarding the chosen color scheme, we decided to use a bright orange as the primary color, a color commonly associated with warmth, joy and energy. For the tagline and domain extension we used a subtle sans serif font.

logo concept #2

For the second logo concept proposal we decided to focus on creating a symbol to express perpetual motion, fluidity and constant evolution. The result was a stylized pendulum captured in mid motion, achieved through creating several circles with dierent opacities.

second logo concept

In this case, the color scheme consists of a white logo on a turquoise background, as turquoise is associated with joy, energy, calmness, freshness, serenity and wholeness.

logo concept #3

Lastly, in our third logo concept proposal we used a subtle sans serif font for the brand’s name, encased in a rectangular or circular geometric frame. We chose the rectangle as a base shape because it symbolizes stability and reliability. Also, we decided to use the circle for the alternative version because this shape is commonly associated with fluidity, dynamism, motion and continuous evolution.

third logo

The chosen design is based on the rectangular logo concept, with the addition of two arrows that help to further emphasize the idea of perpetual motion. The logo’s color scheme diers depending on the background it’s applied on. If it’s applied on a dark image the logo should be used in white, while if it’s applied on a dark solid color the turquoise version should the used.

The results

Our work managed to fulfill our client’s expectations, who was delighted by the tagline and the logo proposals and, aer careful consideration, chose one of them. The winning logo and tagline can be found on every communication material made for the platform, as well as on every media channel used by it.