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Online Marketing trends from 2016 you should consider in 2017

In 2016 we saw some interesting trends that got the consumers to feel like they were the stars of a reality show, 24/7, on their mobile phones and laptops. Here are 7 of the most important trends we observed during this year. 1. Video is king This year, video was king on Facebook. We can see our newsfeeds flooded by videos everyday. This trend started last year and in 2016 the LIVE feature got everyone hyped, making them produce more videos. Even though YouTube has the Live feature since...
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Why eCommerce is the coolest part of digital marketing

Online shopping has a lot of advantages and benefits for buyers, with more and more customers preferring to surf on the internet in the middle of the night rather than to adjust to the program of a store. On the world wide web they can connect easier to a brand. E-commerce goes back to the 1990s, when eBay and Amazon revolutionised the industry of online business. Since then the industry has grown to a trillion dollar market. A research did by reveals that in a few years, until...
Cover Automotive Booths

Round-up of the events’ season

A very busy season of events is now entering a well deserved holiday. At least till autumn. Loopaa has been active in this field by helping major automotive companies to enhance their presence at professional events throughout Europe. Here's a short summary of the booths made by Loopaa this year:   1. Denso We've stood by Denso's side for the second year now. Though we've used the same booth design as last year, visitors highly appreciated Denso's presence as it...
The Ultimate Marketer

How to become The Ultimate Marketer

Do you want to become The Ultimate Marketer? If you are reading this article either you are just curios or just very competitive. To be the best in your field is not an easy task and not for everybody. Are you up to the challenge? Michael Jordan is the most competitive athlete I know. Since he was a boy he would always compete against his brother or any other bigger boys that would challenge him to a pick-up game. Even in his enshrinement speech at the basketball hall of fame he thanked...
The Mechanism Of Loopaa

The mechanism of our marketing work

Every time we meet a new customer, a question pops out at the very beginning of our discussions: How is Loopaa working? What's our approach on a marketing/ communication project? And this is the main subject of this blog post in order for you to get to understand us better. No hidden doors, no secrets... it's a matter of aligning expectations and work procedures. And a big part of a successful business relationship between an agency and a customer is how you start.   Here's a...
Fool others and you fool yourself.

Fool others and you fool yourself

Why brands should communicate honestly with their audiences. April Fool’s is nearly here. It’s a day in which we try to prank and deceive our friends, co-workers and other people, but in a fairly harmless, fun-filled way (hopefully, at least). However, trying to fool and deceive people is never an option for brands. It may have worked a few decades ago but, in this day and age, it’s inadmissible and highly ineffective. On the contrary, brands should always strive to have an honest and...
Womarketing - How to better communicate with your female audiences

“Womarketing” or “How to better communicate with your female audiences”

International Women’s Day is coming up, an occasion when women are recognized for their economic, political and social achievements in quite a few countries around the world, but also a celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards all the women around us. It’s an occasion brands that target women should definitely not let pass by without doing something, even something small. So I thought I could share with you some general advice on marketing to female audiences, which can also...
Keeping employees engaged is like being in a relationship

Keeping employees engaged is like being in a relationship – the not-so-textbook set of advice

If you make just one Google Search on the subject “How to Keep Employees Engaged”, you’ll find all kind of related information: “How To Be A Good Manager In 5 Steps”, “10 Ways To Keep Employees Engaged” or “How Smart Companies Do It”. And since February is “The month of love”, I’ll just break it down to you: Truth is, employee engagement is more like a love relationship. So, let’s see why: Respect, communicate and listen. Communication is vital in EVERY...
winning new customers for retail businesses

Strategies for winning new customers for retail businesses

Mobile, tablet, PC, laptop, VR Glasses, smart watches, TV, radio, print magazines... all these have one thing in common: the consumer. If you are ignoring all these communication and distribution channels, then you are, in fact, ignoring your potential customers.                                            According to Google Consumer Barometer:                        - 69% of the consumers research Offline and                            buy...
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