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End of the year KPIs: UPDATED CASH FLOW

End of the year KPIs: UPDATED CASH FLOW


Definition: This KPI measures the financial liquidities in the context of updated budgets for the next year. Yes, do it! Make multiple scenarios for developing your activity next year by considering new projects, investments and overall economic context.

Monthly forecast of payments and revenues for the company.

Variation and related KPI’s:

Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly cash flow

Annual cash flow predictions/ forecast

Focus and targets: This KPI focuses on the management of TIMING for all decisions that have to be made and keeps all forecasts rational, doable and real when setting targets and approving budgets for the next year. Also, in very competitive sectors and during times of high investments and new projects, updating your cash flow weekly or monthly is a MUST in order to assure the right financial decisions.

Last but not least, it always helps to have a backup plan (an insurance product, a credit line, etc.) in order to be ready for the unpredictable and to not miss opportunities.

Best regards,

Adrian Abrudan, Head of Strategy & Research