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Expo Inter Cars – a success story

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I’ll cut the chase for you… We love this event… truly, madly and deeply! This year’s edition was the third one in a row for Loopaa as the partner agency… For myself, it’s the 6th one. Yeap, I’ve been there from the very beginning and now, it has attracted over 6.000 professional visitors from all over Romania. (garages, shops and auto retailers)

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You wonder what is Expo Inter Cars? It’s the first event dedicated to the auto aftermarket industry from Romania, an annual exhibition organized by Inter Cars, the European leader in the distribution of spare parts and car accessories. It represents a way to bring together the automotive professionals, who get a chance to meet directly with the leading suppliers in the automotive world and, of course, to enjoy fun, adrenaline filled, activities. Also, it’s a project we deeply care about!

And though we love it, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. This year, the challenge was even greater as we’ve changed the location of the event. Nevertheless, people were expecting something even greater than last year… So we’ve had to come up with a good planning and implementation to surpass our previous efforts and ideas.

Here’s how we’ve helped Inter Cars to organize the best edition of EXPO so far:

1. Planning an event is crucial… don’t think that everything will be in place (due to your perfect planning)… nope, but it will minimize some risks (at least)

2. To organize such a large event, you definitely need a lot of suppliers and partners. And it’s tougher than you think to get those professional approaches that you expect. So a lot of time is invested in finding the right suppliers that will deliver quality in time!

3. Concept, design and printing… you’ll need these a lot! Just pray that all the elements of a design will be on the actual print… Especially when we’re talking about last minute (literally) orders.

4. “On spot” supervising and coordination: from coordinating artistic moments and brand activations to making sure that suppliers do their part. A taser gun would help sometimes 🙂

5. Online marketing: keeping in touch with your fans all the way. Real-time marketing is the current “catch” and you have to take advantage of it. (besides teasing and follow-up)

6. Collecting feedback and reporting it (during and after the event) in a meaningful and effective way.

We are proud of having the chance to work on such a great project and our wish is that our customers do feel the same about working with us. And we’ll go that extra mile for this!

If you think that your event needs a bunch of coffee lovers, ambitious and hard-working (just like us), give me an email directly: or use the Contact page.

Yours dedicated,
Victor Gavronschi

PS: If you want to take a peek on this year’s edition of EXPO Inter Cars, here it is: (just enjoy it!)