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Some bad news going good – Marketing 4 IT event

Mk 4 IT

Yeah, Captain Obvious… The event IT Week won’t take place anymore. And the first word that came to our minds was: Panic… panic… panic…

Nope… I was just kidding. Not about the IT Week event, but about the panic. You really cannot say that you’re a marketing/ advertising/ PR/ event agency if you haven’t experienced similar situations. The fact is that you have to deal with it and adapt. And this is what we’ve done: we’ve adapted by changing the visual materials, adjusted the budget and the communication plan, rethinking our whole approach for an event that we believe is useful for the local and regional IT companies.

Ladies and gents, let me introduce to you the first marketing event dedicated to the IT industry in Cluj-Napoca. It basically means that, if you’re working as a marketer in the IT industry, you gotta be present at this event.


Why should you participate?

1.  6 experienced marketers from the IT industry will share their knowledge with you.

2. no bullshit thematics… it’s about marketing in IT and we all know that it has some interesting particularities.

3. diverse (but comprehensive) perspectives about the industry (from freelancing, agency and inhouse marketing departments).

4. you can relate to other participants that work in the same field as you.

5. some interesting prizes have been prepared for you (and useful… no tickets to spa though :)) )


Are there enough reasons for you? If not, add some more: coffee breaks and a day away from the office. Even though it might represent some really well-invested hours for your marketing knowledge and perspective. Should be enough, right?


Some sleepless nights will follow in this period. After all, it is an event organized in less than 3 weeks. But it doesn’t matter when we have the opportunity to deliver valuable content through which each of us has the chance of developing. So, sign up here for the event and see you there on the 19th of November!


Yours dedicated,