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Mk4IT: One factor that could lead to your company disappearing

Loopaa Mk 4 IT

Tudor Galoș, Consumer Marketing Manager at Microsoft and one of the main speakers from the conference Marketing 4 IT, talked about many factors that influence the way we do business nowadays.

He told the audience about the importance of growth hacking, about the fact that everything is digital now, and he also mentioned one important factor that could lead to your company  disappearing.

Can you imagine that one day your company will not exist anymore if you don’t take care of one issue?

In the video bellow, the speaker from Microsoft explains that if your company’s inside transformation is slower than the speed of the transformations in your market, this could lead to your company failing and, in the end, disappearing.



What are the things that influence the speed of your company inside transformation?

1. Leadership

Your company needs good leaders that have a good overview, foreseeing the market transformations and the speed of your company. Also, the company leaders should encourage change and continuous development. Always strive to be better and ahead of the competition.

You can read more about accelerating corporate transformations in this HBR article that we recommend.

2. Marketing

Marketing is not all about advertising. The marketeers from your company have to be savvy researchers, always knowing the consumer trends, what your competitors are doing and what the innovations in your industry are. They should be an important part of your R&D team.

3. Technology

The biggest innovations and changes in this era are in technology. All the industries are completely changed because of the information and technology integration. Is your company up to date with the latest tools? What is your plan to keep up with technology?

If you got this far, stop for a second and think about all the changes that happen right in your business and what you should do to increase the speed of your company.