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How numbers talk to people

Numbers Dont Lie

As human beings, we all are different… and we all know that. Some of us relate better to images, others to text and I – to numbers.
My job is all about numbers, as market research consists of constant number analysis. By working in this field, I have learned that numbers talk to people. But the question that arises here is: do we know how to listen?


My first contact with market research and the whole numbers game that comes with it, was during my student years. At the time, I’ve quickly learned that it suited me. It is a domain which will never bore you because one always learns about the industry, clients or new products. Quite often, you find out market novelties before anyone else. You also have the chance to know the human nature in depth as you investigate consumer needs and expectations on a daily basis. (I’ll let you in on a little secret: by analyzing the human behavior, you get to perceive people differently and you even get to figure out when someone is lying or being genuinely sincere. Should be handy sometimes 😀 )

Stock and graph

If there is one thing that I am certain of, is that I enjoy market research due to the fact that it’s a field which continuously makes you wonder “but why…?”. I know I will get answers by inspecting numbers and analyzing percentages.

In market research, numbers are the necessary instruments for quantitative analysis, which has as ultimate goal, the best decision making. To me they represent both art and science in data usage and analysis.

The biggest challenge I encountered was presenting results which consisted mainly in numbers to non-analytical people, to those drawn to text and image. “How can I determine others to listen to numbers?” I asked myself. Throughout time I figured out an answer to this question; I believe that telling stories using data is the best approach in order to get across the research outcome.
There are several ways of telling stories using data. Some quantitative analyses are like police procedural television programs. Some operational problem crops up and data is used to confirm the nature of the issue and find the solution.


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