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Strategies for winning new customers for retail businesses

winning new customers for retail businesses

Mobile, tablet, PC, laptop, VR Glasses, smart watches, TV, radio, print magazines… all these have one thing in common: the consumer. If you are ignoring all these communication and distribution channels, then you are, in fact, ignoring your potential customers.

Strategies for winning new customers


                     According to Google Consumer Barometer:

                       – 69% of the consumers research Offline and                            buy Offline

                      – 54% research Online and purchase Online

                      – 21% research Online and purchase Offline

                      – 15% research Offline and purchase Online




Taking all this into consideration, if you have a retail business and want to win new customers, here are some basic strategies to choose from:

1. If you are present only offline, then you should build your online presence. Start with a responsive website, social media channels, a content plan and invest in online advertising. Start selling online and win that 36% of people that could become your customers.

2. If you are present only online, then you should build your offline presence. 69% is a big market and online consumers want to see and feel your products before they buy them.

3. If you have in place both an online and an offline presence, you should offer a mobile friendly consumer experience. We noticed in our clients’ businesses that more than 40% of consumers browse and shop online using their mobile devices.

4. If you have all the above, start innovating:

– create a mobile app for your shop and introduce gamification;

– give your sales representatives a mobile platform to serve your offline customers using the power of digital;

– create a movie for VR Glasses to present your products;

– create a smart watch app that helps your clients get useful info and notifications;

– integrate your social media channels in all your platforms to help your customers have a voice and promote your products in all of the touchpoints with your brand.

In 2016, your clients are getting more and more informed, educated and connected. You have to keep up with their way of shopping and consuming information and help them buy your products. You have to always be there for your customers… but faster!

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