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The future of products presentation in eCommerce

products presentation in eCommerce

Product presentations in online shops are pretty much the same and didn’t change since we have eCommerce platforms. It is standard to have 3 or 4 pictures of the same product that customers can zoom to inspect what they will buy. Some of the more advanced eShops have also video presentations and that’s a plus. But what can be the future of product presentation in eCommerce?

Cluj-Napoca is a city where a lot of IT innovation takes place, even though not all projects are public and well known. Radu Orghidan, a former teacher at the Technical University and an IT Engineer, started working last year on a revolutionary project: Tulemod.

The application helps retailers and brands shift from physical to digital inventory and offers the user a unique and engaging online shopping experience. By scanning the body and the face, the user is able to create a highly realistic 3D avatar which he/she can use to try on clothes.

The user is able to pair different brands, check the look and see how the outfit moves and flows on her body. Once the user is satisfied with the outfit, he or she is able to purchase the pieces from different retail sites altogether without having to visit each individual site. The application will benefit online customers, designers, and retailers alike.

This business model is a game changer because of the experience that the application it offers, but what really impressed me about Tulemod was the 3D creation of any product. Each 3D product is scanned in a fraction of a second inside a strange photography machine. After the scanning, with a little post processing the product is ready to be presented on any website.


 revolutionary project: Tulemod

The advantage of having a 3D model of the products in the shop is that the client can have a better visual experience of how the product really looks like. This can be the future of product presentation in eCommerce: it’s fast, can be cheap, it’s closer to the look and feel of the product and has very good quality.

I can see a big business opportunity in selling or renting the 3D scanner. Tulemod can be the next level, but until then maybe we will see some big eShops adopting 3D products presentations on their sites.

Here are some examples of 3D products:

What do you think? Is this the future of products presentation in eCommerce?

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Călin Biriș
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