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Cluj-Napoca | Romania
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Creative Storyteller Wanted!

What you should bring to the table:

Marketing knowledge – you should know about coolest campaigns out there and what made them work. You should understand marketing processes and should be able to create concepts, stories and messages that make brands memorable. hiring copywriter

Creativity. As in: the right idea, at the right place, at the right time, with great results. You will think, elaborate and help implement creative campaigns for our clients.

Very good Romanian and English writing skills. If you are what they call “a grammar nazi”, it’s even better.

Good attention to details – see any typos here? 🙂

Passion for marketing. Working in a marketing agency is not easy, but you’ll have the chance to enhance your skills with every new project.

– An insatiable desire to learn and be a better version of yourself every day. It’s the key to evolution, right?


What will your monthly tasks be:

– You’ll get to write the story of each brand – from idea to mission, vision and values. You’ll work closely with our designers in order to capture the very essence of each new identity we create here, at Loopaa;

– You’ll develop great campaign concepts – after all, the brief is your best friend, right?

– You’ll occasionally write articles, press releases, and content for presentations and flyers / brochures;


What you will get from us (besides the monthly salary):

A great place to work: friendly colleagues, fun environment. We know they all say that, but it’s true here.

Creative projects. You will not be stuck in the same campaign over and over again. You’ll be challenged every week with new projects, new campaigns, new clients and new things to learn.

Local, national and international brands to work on – everything from special campaigns to events and digital concepts. Want your work to make a difference? We have the perfect place for that.

Trainings and professional development all the way. After all, there’s something new to learn every day.

– Other little perks you’ll find out about at the interview 🙂