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2016 – A year in review for Loopaa

Loppaa Infografic 790X330 22 12 2016

Dear Loopaa friends and partners,

It’s been a loopieFULL year. We’ve had our ups and downs as any business has, but… most important of all, we’ve gone through them together. Here are some of the greatest experiences we’ve had in 2016:

We’ve started the year with a race against time, creating new event booth concepts, building amazing structures and visiting 7 countries throughout Europe in order to get those booths up and ready for the show.

During this time we sketched the profile of a great CEO. Do you find any resemblances?

The Loopies, back at the office, had their fair share of promotional materials orders, design concepts and real-time online marketing at each event. That’s all about deadlines met and, of course, some neurons died in the process, but some of the 504 litres of coffee helped. ☺

After all these events, we had the opportunity to relax… Neah, just joking. We’ve jumped right into a new challenge: Expo Inter Cars 2017. It’s a tradition already, everyone knows that it gets better and better each year, and we’ve managed to write history this year, too! (by history we mean some legends, funny memories, but also a “how-to-survive” guide we’ll – maybe, someday- share it with you).

Once the leaves started to have a yellowish tint, we’ve already begun new campaigns and strategies for our clients. Also, branding projects, even one for us (you know the joke with the shoemaker’s torn shoes, right?). If you didn’t had time to see our own brand manual, you can still download it from here.

Also, we created for you The Ultimate Marketing Checklist: How to use Linkedin for Business. Download it from here.

As we are talking to you now, we’re still working on a handful of success strategies and creative campaigns that will make 2017 the best year so far. 

Clients, be prepared for an awesome experience and crazy new ideas!

Partners, bear with us, we’re not entirely sure that 2017 will be free of “I-need-it-yesterday deadlines”, but we’re working on it. ☺

Friends – you are always welcomed for a cup of coffee, since one of our objectives for 2017 is to break the “Litres of coffee drank in Loopaa Record”. 

That being said, we thank you and we wish you all the best for these Holidays!

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