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2018 in review – Marketing Projects we are proud of

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2018 was a big year for us. We’ve had the chance to create and implement great projects for our clients, exactly as we like it: from idea, to planning and execution. Loopies worked hard for some of the more creative projects we’ve done so far, international online campaigns, memorable brandings and event management.

It’s been a great journey, so let us present you some of the projects we’ve worked on:

The League of True Mechanics for Denso:

The League of True Mechanics was an online campaign dedicated to mechanics

We did everything from the creative concept and campaign mechanism to designing the landing pages and promoting the campaign through online media in 7 countries: Romania, Croatia, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, Russia and Poland.

Biggest challenge? Creating something that would engage mechanics from all of these countries and… deadlines (had a few nightmares with them!).

The Comma Cup Contest for COMMA:

The Loopies were responsible for coming up with the concept, mechanism and prizes with all the logistics associated. Meanwhile, the design and online team worked together for designing the landing pages for Romania, Croatia, Ukraine, Hungary and Bulgaria and creating the video:

Biggest Challenge? Gathering and keeping the sales information from week to week throughout the five countries. We had some looong nights working.

Smartspot – Creating the branding strategy, visual identity and website redesign

We’ve created the brand strategy starting from the team’s core values, beliefs and talents and turned it into a visual representation of the strong, professional but, most important, friendly team they are. Made to measure, as any good brand strategy should be. Or, as they say – tailored. Smartspot –Tailored tech support

The challenge here? Understanding the team, what drives them to do things differently and how they do it. We surely recommend their services, here’s where you can find them:

Creative Concept for Romania & US Campaign for Luminos Labs

Working for Luminos Labs was a fun delight from start to finish. We rarely have the opportunity to be this playful (and get paid for it!) – we’ve worked on 4 visual concepts that had to show their fun, easygoing side and the common sense they so much appreciate in their employees. The concept was so great that they decided we should also make a video out of it:

The challenge? Finding suits and props to re-enact the characters in the visual concepts. Oh, the stories behind this one… 🙂

Office branding for Thomsons

For their new office, we took a bunch of plain values and colors from their brand manual and turned them into magic: artistic and colorful illustration for the walls and glass of the meeting rooms. Each element was carefully designed to integrate a bigger story: The Thomsons Online Benefits Story.

They do seem to agree with us when we say we’ve made a home of their new office. A friendly, cosy and familiar one. One that expresses all the beautiful things going on in their organization but, most of all, the unicity of each of its members.

The challenge here? I would say that the most important of all was making sure our illustrations will truly represent what the client wanted – that thin line between being fun and entertaining, yet professional at the same time.

More details about this project here.

Expo Inter Cars 2018 for our client and partner Inter Cars Romania

You think it was a busy year, judging from the projects above? We haven’t even started with the event management part yet! Here comes Expo Inter Cars 2018, forever in our hearts, as it’s the one and only event that challenges us every year and we still find a way to make the last one even greater than the one before.

2018 meant a traditional celebration for the 10 years of Inter Cars Romania, combining technology (laser projections, 360 degree photos and VR booths) with traditional activities (such as drinking the famous “palinca”) and even bigger artists on the stage – Hara, Lupii, Andra, Săndel and Aurora.

We managed the entertainment program from contracting artists and creating fun activities for the audience to video animation and design.

The Challenge? Everything, from managing artists, writing scripts and keeping the entertainment schedule, well…on schedule. It’s a hard-core experience every year, but it always makes us proud of ourselves in the end!


We are thankful for all these opportunities and surely, 2019 will be even more challenging.

Do you have a project you would like to talk about with us? We’re here and we’re interested.


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Sincerely yours,

The Loopies