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2020 in review


2020 in review – Some of our digital, creative and branding projects

Did you ever had that feeling of running out of ideas?
One of the best ways to get out of that state and find new ideas for your marketing projects is to look at projects that worked for others. This year we plan to inspire you not (so much) but telling, but by showing you some of our results with the clients we are working with. Get yourself some popcorn and continue reading.

Projects from 2020


Client: Ez Stick
Short brief: Ez Stick needed a Social Media Strategy and Online Campaigns to promote its phone accessory to young people.
Challenge: Creating an online integrated strategy across Social Media channels in order to raise awareness and attract sales.
Result: We recommended Instagram, Tik Tok and, most importantly, micro influencers. During our collaboration, we managed to develop strong communities around the brand pages, as well as attract sales through collaborations with micro-influencers. The Ez Stick Instagram page grew from a few hundred followers to 10.200 followers in just a few months.





Clint: Top Chef
Shot brief: Top Chef needed a refresh on its visual identity and a new product catalogue to promote their pastry and bakery products.
Challenge: To reinvent the Top Chef brand colors and design a product catalogue that is both classy and elegant, as well as young and fresh.
Result: We’ve given the Top Chef brand a new set of brand colors and designed their 700 products catalogue – which turned out great!




Short brief: Elena needed a new name and visual identity for her event company.
Challenge: To find a brand name that’s unique and also inspires elegance, in order to become memorable.
Result: After exploring many options, we decided upon a brand name that is both unique and representative, and created also a slogan and a modern and elegant visual identity to go with the name.




Client: Salin
Short brief: Salin sells salt filter air purifiers that help reduce and treat respiratory problems. The products have been previously promoted directly by the producer and sold through national and international partners.
Challenge: Increasing online sales.
Result: We’ve implemented Facebook and Google campaigns to promote the products nationally. During our collaboration, we managed to increase sales 4 times (in October 2020 vs May 2020, the month we started), and improve ROAS from 4.18 to 18.53.




Client: HORA
Short brief: HORA S.A. is one of the biggest musical instruments producers in Eastern Europe, with a tradition of over 70 years.
Challenge: Rebrand and reposition HORA S.A. as an internationally competitive musical instruments producer.
Result: We started by working on the internal analysis – core brand values, products, distribution patterns and online communication – in order to define the rebranding process. Then, we’ve analyzed competitors and international markets to find new opportunities for development and define the new brand positioning.
We’ve redesigned HORA’s visual identity, redefined its brand personality and communication strategy.




Short brief: Orange Valley is a Romanian brand that produces beverages and natural cosmetic products using Sea Buckthorn.
Challenge: Develop a Digital Strategy that includes Social Media and PPC to increase Sales.
Results: We took over their Social Media Communication and Campaigns and managed to improve ROAS by 4 and Sales by 5%, grow the online community around Social Media Pages, especially the Instagram page.



Some final thoughts

What are your plans for this year? Think of one of these possibilities:
A branding or rebranding process can freshen up your company and make a statement in the market;
A products catalogue can help you present your offer better and attract more clients and partners;
Collaborating with influencers can increase the trust in your brand and the awareness in new communities;
Investing in upgrading your online communication can boost your sales.

These are not just ideas, but proven marketing actions that helped our clients in 2020. We’re sure each of these can also make a difference for other cool companies… maybe even yours!

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