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poster Banica

The above title is the unlawful offspring of a discussion about Google AdWords and my rather poor hearing. Now, disregarding the fact that the notion (“AdWars”) surfaced itself by chance, it actually depicts my feelings towards the advertising industry quite accurately.
My thoughts are that, nowadays, top advertisers tend to have fierce competitors. Their rivalry can be very obvious, and promoting these brands requires ever increasing tactical complexity. Also, advertising is competitive as heck. And it attracts competitive people. Maybe too competitive, at times.

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As you can see, people can sometimes get carried away. No matter who does the work, male or female, it’s easy to go Alpha and try to sling poop at your competition. Metaphorically speaking, of course. I suppose it’s because of how much we love to be constantly pushed and challenged to rise above our limits. Maybe that’s what also drives us to deliver great work. Maybe it also makes us strive, dusk ‘til dawn, for that big idea.
Now, about that big idea. The process of obtaining it can be a little fuzzy. Digging deep for information, for that crucial insight, may take a hefty amount of time, and it’s not the most straightforward process in the world. You never know how and when you’ll get to it. But I guess it helps that we function, somehow, differently from other people. We walk different. We talk different. Even our tastes in pets can be somehow peculiar. But it works for us.

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Working in advertising, you develop a passion for deconstructing communication, no matter the kind. Be it a poster, a radio jingle, a commercial video, a big billboard, whatever, we feel the need to dissect it and see what it’s made of. From the idea it’s supposed to convey, down to the nitty-gritty technical details.

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It can be very hard and time-consuming work at times, but we love every second of our work in advertising.

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