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Are you a great CEO?

You Are A Great CEO Cover

Of course we are! (I’m in the same boat as you on this one)

But what’s the meaning of this question? We are enthusiastic, we do hope for the best… we work day and night for the sake of getting noticed by others, we make the impossible… possible! And we are there for the people: for our employees, for clients, suppliers and any other business partners. There’s no trouble in answering phone calls at 2 a.m. Or even spend 10 hours a day reading emails.

There is NOTHING that you wouldn’t do… just for being a great CEO. But you know, it might be just a fairytale on the long term, because you’ll burn-out.

So, our new campaign is about encouraging managers to handle management effectively, letting go of the implementation. Come on, we’re not meant to implement/ control everything. 

Management should be all about getting an overview of your business, inspiring your people and lead them to the future. NOT checking day and night the posts on your Facebook page. Empower others to take the responsibility for their work and you might end up creating a great team. Because the truth is that a team will always be stronger than an individual.

Loopaa Great CEO

I invite you to check our micro-website and ask yourself: do you want to be a great CEO?

PS: Many thanks to our friends from AV MEDIA Production. They’ve done a great job on shooting and editing the video.


Yours dedicated,

Victor – Loopaa’s CEO


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