Auto PR

No… there’s no automatic system to handle PR activities. We would wish for an Auto PR tool, but it hasn’t been invented yet.
This article is about PR in the automotive field, especially for the B2B part of it. In Romania (but not only), automotive related press is pretty scarce. So you can’t rely entirely on sending out a press release, even if it is interesting and innovating.


Just to summarize the situation of the media for the B2B automotive industry:
1. There’s a maximum of 3 specialized magazines/ websites that actually publish technical articles.
2. There’s a maximum of 7 magazines/ websites with a more general automotive content, suitable for the B2C communication – the drivers.

Ok, now just multiply the sum (10 automotive content publishers) by 3 and you’ll find out the number of publishers for the automotive field in Poland. And at least 10 of those are just for the B2B part.


So, why is there such a difference between Poland and the countries with relatively few automotive content publishers? Aren’t there enough readers for this kind of content?

Yes, there are… But the problem is the content. Most of the time, companies with a strong B2B orientation are struggling to generate a more digestible content for their readers. And when they do, it is not enough and, definitely, not consistent. So, here’s what you should consider:

1. Always keep in mind that PR is built over time. It doesn’t just pop out and works.

2. PR is about connecting with your readers… and your press contacts. Just remember that, because (as in any other relationship) you need to communicate.

3. Don’t send articles just for the sake of it. For each of your articles, try answering this question: will your readers have the interest and time to read it?


… ok, but I wanted to talk more about what you do when you don’t have enough media through which you can get your message to your audience.


What solutions are out there?
Let’s consider a more technical field, such as the car spare parts industry, where we have an extensive experience:

1. Use Social Media to communicate. Yes, your B2B customers are also checking their Facebook account, they are posting pictures on Instagram and they do like to gossip on the latest tweets.

2. Use your distributors in order to spread your message. Whether through their website or their Social Media accounts, this approach can lead to very effective PR communication.

3. Contribute to a cause in your community. It would be great if it were related to your industry, but if not, connect your cause to your company culture and/or to one of your values.

4. Ultimately, nothing beats the human-to-human approach. So, organize or participate in an event, go on a roadshow, use every opportunity to meet your audience face to face.


What’s your opinion on B2B PR activities? Is there any other solution you’ve found to be effective? Share it with us! We’d love to discuss it with you and enrich each other’s knowledge. 


Yours dedicated,

Victor Gavronschi