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Basics of Social Media

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Although I can’t consider myself a social media expert, the basic knowledge about this new (yeap, it’s still new) way of communicating and engaging with customers, is a must-have for all marketers. Here are a few things that I consider to be important when engaging in the hazy world of social media:

  • define consistency. For example, periodical posts can get you a certain required behaviour of your customers. It’s also important to define your position when communicating. Find the right “tone” and keep it!
  • listen, search and know your customer. It will help you build the right message and deliver it at the right time. More than that, you’ll have a true focus of your marketing efforts.
  • don’t be afraid to interact… even if your customer is mad. People have a constant need of being noticed. Take charge and give them the importance they deserve.
  • be relevant. Once you know your customer, be sure to deliver the right message to them. This is the way of saying: Hey, I know your needs, I know your habits… here’s our solutions! And it will get you close to your customers.
  • timing does matter! With the abundance of information on social media, wrong timing of your messages can result in a lower rate of response from customers.

In the end, remember that social media is more than clicks. You must also consider: brand mentions, number of fans, page views or customer post. As marketers, we should always quantify the outcome of every single marketing action.

Definitely, social media has already changed the way we communicate and in order to “survive”, we must rapidly adapt and find the right solutions.

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