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Most Beloved Brands

brands of cluj

It seems that curiosity is one of our biggest ”flaws”.

We were curious about which are the most beloved brands in our beloved city, Cluj-Napoca, and since there was nobody to shed light onto this matter, we took the matter into our own hands.

That’s right! We’re conducting the first marketing research that analyzes the degree of affection that people from Cluj-Napoca develop towards local brands and the relationship that is established as a result of this.

We want to determine a ranking of the most successful brands and also to find out what their secret is.

How do we intend to do this? Well, with your help, of course!

Give us a hand and fill in this survey (click here) until the 5th of January 2014. You will have the chance to win an I Love Cluj pack, containing a T-shirt, a mug, a pen, a bracelet and two stickers.

The only requirements that you need to take into account are:

  • You have to live/work/study in Cluj-Napoca;
  • You have to be at least 16 years old;
  • You have to follow the directions set forth in the survey.

If your survey is valid, you are automatically enrolled in the contest.

Thanks a bunch and good luck!

And don’t forget to stay tuned for our results!

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