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How To Reshape Your Marketing Budget3

How to reshape your marketing budget in economically uncertain times?

Three steps to do this We’re all talking about the same thing: sales are not where they used to be, in the last months. Economic uncertainty is this year’s curse, but we have to face the fact that it’s here to stay and, the sooner we learn how to live with it, the better will (and we’ll) be. But how can you do that when it affects every aspect of your business, starting from your actions, your engagement and, ultimately – or should I say, most importantly –...

How to make people love your brand?

We often find ourselves in the middle of a misconception that if the price is high the brand must be premium. And while a premium brand means a high price it also means something that everyone is longing for but not everyone can afford. Which means you will have a niche audience and probably decades of work to do.  If you are not up for that we have an alternative solution: create a lovemark brand.

Ce se întâmplă cu marketingul business-ului tău în vreme de criză? [RO]

Având în vedere contextul actual al crizei economice, ne-am gândit: cum pot fi de folos serviciile noastre în aceasta perioadă? De ce are nevoie un business într-o perioadă marcată de incertitudine şi multe întrebări? Suntem ferm convinşi că “problemele nu sunt semnale de oprire, ci de ghidare”, aşa cum spunea Robert H. Schuller. Când lucrurile din jurul nostru se schimbă, nu ne oprim, ci ne reinventăm – Aşa am creat SUPERMARKETing.   Ce este...
Loopaa Leap Day 790x330px

Leap Day – your lucky day in rebranding?

The tradition of Leap Day and what does it have to do with rebranding   How much is 0.25? 29th of February, a leap day is an extra day in the Gregorian calendar designed to help synchronize it with Earth’s orbit time around the Sun. If there were no leap days and leap years, eventually February would be a summer month for all the countries north of the Equator. As a matter of fact, without this correction the calendar year would be off by about one day after four years, by about 2...
Loopaa In Review 2019

2019 in review: A challenging year!

We’ve been busy this year. Time flies when you’re doing… Marketing! Our team of Loopies has worked relentlessly to create employer branding strategies, design new brands and increase sales for our clients. The most challenging part? Finding the best marketing channels and tools in order to adapt to an ever-changing market. It has not been a walk in the park, but we can now proudly say that we’ve achieved something great together: taking our marketing skills to the next level. In...
Loopaa Header Blog 790x330px

Why sharing your budget is not a taboo

As a potential client partner, you usually approach your chosen marketing agency with a project you want to launch, grow, develop or simply sell on the market. You don’t mind sharing the objectives and ideas your business plan has, yet you decide to withhold one very important piece of the puzzle: the budget. You might be tempted not to communicate your budget right from the start just to see what we have to offer in terms of marketing services - digital, concept or design. However, this...
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