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What is great marketing in the e-commerce world without efficient planning and a great web platform? Making online sales has become, in recent years, as simple as saying “1, 2 … sales”. Loopaa is here to make a great plan for your business, but for the sales part you need an efficient e-commerce platform. That’s why we decided to establish a partnership with Blugento.

So, how can Loopaa and Blugento help you?

Truth be told, they had us at “platform for growth”. Blugento brings to the table a product – platform – built to have the technical infrastructure, the hosting service, the security and the continuous development you need. This means your online store will be ready to grow at the same pace as your business. Sky is the limit, right?

How is Blugento different from other e-commerce solution providers? They offer you:

  • Customizable design – The platform comes with a customization module which lets you easily choose your preferred colors, manage different functions based on your type of business and, finally, make it your own – no free standard themes with high costs for design.
  • Additional features – It has a card payment module, courier delivery, exports to ERP Software, price comparator feeds, Ajax filters and a whole lot of other integrations which will assure a hassle-free implementation.
  • Growth optimizationBlugento comes with a very high Google Score, which improves not only your website’s speed, but also your ranking in Google Results.

Already have the website?

Loopaa will now handle your communication strategy. We’ll make a plan, set the online channels and the Loopies will work relentlessly to get the best conversion rates for your products.

Basically, we can help you with:

  • Website management and optimization – We deliver everything, from SEO to content generation, product landing pages development and, overall, we ensure a great online presence for your website.
  • Marketing Strategy – It’s important to know what you want to achieve, how and what resources you need to succeed on the market and outrank your competitors.
  • Online Communication – We provide complete Social Media Management services, in order to establish and nurture a trustworthy relationship with your target audience.
  • Branding & Design – We do it all: from creating your brand’s logo and story to designing specific elements you’ll need in the online world – banners, Social Media posts & campaign images etc.
  • Creative campaign concepts – Want to reach your top potential in a fast and creative way? Impress your clients by showing them how smart and creative you are – the Loopies are eager to help you with that.

We are confident that this partnership will not only be fun and productive for us, but also very efficient for you, our next client. Want to give us a try? Let’s set up a meeting!

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