Campaign to the MAX: DENSO’s Roadshow

This year, during October, something really cool happened… More than 1000 garages throughout Romania were visited, as part of a national Roadshow, organized by DENSO. And Loopaa was the one that made it possible. Yes, we’re proud of it because there was no such campaign organized in Romania till now, in the Automotive Aftermarket field.

Leaving aside all the sleepless nights, all the unexpected “suprises” and the anxiousness of the unknown. Bottom line, we’ve done it and the results are even better than expected.

Talking about numbers

But let me give you more details about what happened:

  • 4 dedicated teams visited garages across all the country, in order to promote the DENSO TT spark plugs
  • more than 15 fantastic people were part of this campaign
  • 15 supervisors made sure that the campaign will be successful
  • over 900 coffees helped us to get the job done 🙂
  • over 2 TB of data sent across the internet (I’m really guessing here…)
  • we’ve covered more than 30.000 km and we’ve visited 120 Romanian cities
  • we’ve slept in more than 100 hotels, motels, hostels.

Ah… nearly forgot: 3 local events in Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara and Constanta, in order to support the Roadshow.


Campaign infographic-denso

Infographic – RO version

And it all resulted in more than 1000 garages visited, a large quantity of insights directly from our audience and thousands of promotional packages offered to the garages. To make it more clear, here’s the official video of the campaign:


Loopaa has coordinated the whole campaign, providing:

  • strategic services for planning the campaign, routing, budgeting
  • design and copywriting services for the materials of the campaign 
  • web-design for the websites of the campaign:
  • online marketing (including social media and newsletters) for promotion
  • event management for the local events
  • project management: timeline, approach, supervising… and much more. 🙂


For us, it was a classic example where the implementation of the campaign (and the way you do it) is the clear success factor to get the job done. We thank DENSO for the opportunity of working with them at this campaign.

Facebook photo gallery available here.


Yours dedicated,

Victor Gavronschi