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Case study – Beck et al. services

Inbound Marketing for IT products


Company Story 

Beck et al. Services is a provider of IT services such as technical support, IT infrastructure and app consulting, multi-language service desk, document management and business process software solutions.


The Goal 

Beck et al. Romania wanted to raise awareness of a specific product, DocuWare, among decision-makers in large organizations and generate good-quality leads.

DocuWare is a document management software solution which allows users to electronically manage, store and share documents, regardless of format.

The Challenge

In order to target the proper audience and manage to advertise the product, we encountered several challenges:

1. The complexity of the product and the high price requests a consultative sale, which means we had to obtain contact info from our interested core target, in order for the salesperson to complete the sale.

2. The targeted audience was not familiar with this kind of solution, so there was no active demand in the market. This explains why there were no related searches for the product category;

3. The product is complex and requires a lot of information to be fully explained and understood;

4. Because of the high price and the complex implementation, the sales process involves in-person meetings;

5. The client invested in a Google AdWords campaign to generate leads, but the results were poor.

The solution

Even though there was small search traffic for the product category we observed there was a considerable search volume for related services.

We used this opportunity to create an inbound marketing campaign.

We created an eBook on the problems companies face in dealing with documents. In the eBook, we explained the process of electronic archiving and the fact that this operation isn’t enough to ease the document work in the company. We offered the eBook for free, in exchange of contact information.

Afterwards we promoted the eBook through AdWords Search campaigns targeting the users searching for electronic archiving and related keywords.

In the end, a sales person contacted all the prospects that downloaded the eBook, transforming the leads into clients.

The Results

More educated prospects and 260% increase in number of contacts interested in DocuWare, comparing to the previous AdWords campaigns… More happy business owners with fewer document problems.


Testimonial BeaS

We at Beck et al. Services are providing IT business solutions for our customers, which have to be educated in order to understand the benefits these solutions could bring to their company. At the beginning of our cooperation with Loopaa Marcom we were facing low click rate for our ads, because they were not correctly understood and the audience didn’t know exactly what to expect. In the second phase, Loopaa came with the proposal to offer an analysis of the most common problems of our customers in a form of an ebook, which proved to be the right solution to capture the attention of the audience and inevitably their intention to discuss with us about the solution. Most probably we will continue this way of approaching the audience on local market with an extension to other IT solutions from our portfolio” – Adrian Orasan, Managing Director, Beck et al. Services Romania

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