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Case study – Broda

The event organizer’s survival kit campaign


Company Story 

Broda is one of the key players in the production of promotional materials market from Romania, delivering high quality personalized products from renowned brands such as Nilton’s, Sophie Muval, Brickstone or Seano. The company provides a full set of customization services, through high-end personalization techniques, such as embroidery, laser embroidery, serigraphy, sublimation or full print.


The Goal 

The company wanted to establish a trustworthy connection with the event organizers from Romania, by showcasing their high-quality products and personalization techniques.

The Challenge

In order to attract the event organizers to test Broda’s products, we encountered several challenges:

1. The organizers are always on the move, they don’t have the necessary time to go to exhibitions and product presentations;

2. The organizers are receiving huge amounts of promotional products and are literally overwhelmed with free materials on a daily basis, therefore they don’t even notice them;

3. The event organizers and the organizations use a different kind of language and are always up to date with cultural trends. That means that we needed to twist the classic marketing tools to fit their style;

4. It’s difficult to attract their attention, considering that organizers are always on top of new marketing tools, campaign ideas and ways of promoting their events;

5. The organizers are difficult to be targeted with online campaigns, such as Google AdWords.

The solution

Based on the challenges and the objectives set, we created “The Event Organizer’s Survival Kit”, a physical “toolkit” that contained all the “must-have” promotional products they needed for developing a successful event or festival.

However, we didn’t want to just send them the kit; instead, we wanted to create a need for it. In order to do so we created a landing page, called, where the organizers could request the kit by filling a simple form with the following details: name, company/ organization, events/ festivals organized, email and delivery address.

The survival kit contained a hat, a pair of festival sunglasses, a scarf, a wristband, a lanyard, a card holder, a t-shirt, a saddle cover, a picnic plaid and a cotton bag. At request, one of the items was customized with the organizer’s logo, in order to showcase the personalization quality.
We also made a brochure of the kit, which included detailed descriptions of the products. In order to better target the organizers we created a small story of the kit itself and of each product. For instance: “Lanyard: Coveted by volunteers and a must-have for you, it’s the symbol of your organizational endurance”.
At the same time, we created a press release for the kit and made a Facebook Campaign, to grab the organizers’ attention. As they requested the kit through the landing page, we prepared and sent to them their very own “survival kit”.

The Results

More than 20 event organizers from Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest requested the survival kit. The campaign also got covered by PR Wave, a Romanian PR & Marketing magazine. Broda successfully managed to make a good first impression and to showcase their quality products to some of the most important event organizers, in a creative fashion.


What the organizers had to say about the campaign:

I’ve just received the Survival Kit, it’s very cute and we will surely take you into consideration when we will need personalized products for our events” – Ligia Kesisian Mitulescu, Artistic Director, Balkanik! Festival

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