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Dear 2015…

Dear 2015

Dear 2015,


You were great!.. most of the time, at least. With all your goodies and badies (I just made this word up), you’ve given us plenty of challenges. And these challenges have strengthen us in a way that we just couldn’t imagine at first. Thank you for:

  • the first Marketing event in Cluj-Napoca, dedicated to the IT industry. So many specialists that are working in this field were waiting for such an initiative.
  • new international customers that empower us to manage challenging campaigns.
  • 4 prizes received in the Game of Tribes Gala, as a recognition for our work and dedication.
  • a great team that worked through day and night (with the help of coffee, of course!) to get results to our partners.
  • the chance to mature, expand and reach new levels.

For all these things, we’re grateful. However, you know that your time has passed and the brand new 2016 is here. We might not know if it’ll be as great as you… or even greater. We just hope and work hard to improve ourselves everyday. It’s all about the love for marketing, the passion for over-achievement and the need to see our customers smile and feel content in a way that they know: they can always rely on us!

2016 may be a roller-coaster, with ups and downs… it may not be perfect. But that’s fine because we’ll embrace it.

Bye bye 2015.

Yours dedicated,

Victor Gavronschi

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