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Echo “Hello World!”

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What does a web developer generally do?


In brief, a web developer’s responsibilities are building and maintaining websites. He/she can be professionally trained in, or have broad personal experience working with various scripting languages and writing custom scripts to accommodate clients’ needs.




What does a web developer do in a marketing agency?


For starters, from my experience, I can tell you that besides coding, a web developer is continuously learning. I am not talking about learning new web development trends for the upcoming year, new best practices or other similar things that are in the “job description”. I am referring to learning about marketing strategy, brand manual, social media plan and other concepts which were completely unfamiliar to me before working in a marketing agency.  These kinds of information are essential if you take into consideration the fact that the work I do, namely, the websites I am coding , are not just mere websites  to finish and deliver. Rather, they are websites which have to be technically functional and satisfy specific marketing functions.




What my colleagues think I do?


I am not quite sure. They might have the same fuzzy idea about my job as I had about the social media specialists.
Let me explain: as a newly hired web developer at Loopaa, all my knowledge about marketing was illustrated within the movie Branded. As a consequence, one day I found myself asking one colleague why she was always on Facebook while at work. That was the moment when I found out about the so called job: social media specialist.



…and what I actually do:


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