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Why eCommerce is the coolest part of digital marketing

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Online shopping has a lot of advantages and benefits for buyers, with more and more customers preferring to surf on the internet in the middle of the night rather than to adjust to the program of a store. On the world wide web they can connect easier to a brand.

E-commerce goes back to the 1990s, when eBay and Amazon revolutionised the industry of online business. Since then the industry has grown to a trillion dollar market. A research did by reveals that in a few years, until 2018, retail sales worldwide will increase with 5.5%, to reach $28.3 trillion.

E-commerce is not only loved by costumers, also digital marketers could become really passionate about the industry too. Once you experienced the feeling of success when finalising an e-commerce campaign, you know that you have found your passion, but be careful, it can become addictive 🙂

I want to share with you some of the reasons why can we love this agile industry: 

First of all, it is really cool how we can promote a lifestyle for the costumers. As an example, I can mention one of Loopaa’s clients, where we help women to find the perfect and most comfortable lingerie. We not just offer products, we also give them support to find the matching size and help them to love their body in a sexy outfit.

It is a basic requirement for the marketers, to understand their customers.

It’s not just about the sales or  the products it’s about offering them a way of living, a statute, a feeling, a community they can rely on.

The customers want to see the story behind a product, this is why it is really important to have a wide and detailed description of them on the website. The best practice of how to write about the product is to look at it, touch it or use it, and write about every detail you see and feel. Don’t forget that the description is the most influential factor when a customer chooses a product from the website. The experience has to be similar to the one the customers encounter when entering a store and touching the product.

You need to be transparent and honest with the client. Marketers need to be aware of the most important thing when interacting with the audience: people have to trust you, but first of all, they need to like you.

And here comes the second reason why we love e-commerce… the only way to have success is to know the audience. How we can get to know each other? It is really hard to find a “gold rule” for this question, but by personalising the experiences we can get more and more information about their needs and lifestyles. Don’t generalise them, every time you think of a campaign you need to think at your main audiences or buyer personas.

After working a few months for a web shop we will find ourselves having a lot of imaginary friends with whom you want to interact on a daily basis to figure out their needs and expectations from your brand and business.

Most of the e-commerce costumers decide from which website to buy by analysing your services, such as your transport service, customer care or how they can return your product if it does not match their needs. They will trust and like your brand based on their whole experience with you.

The third reason why we love e-commerce is because we can measure every detail of a campaign. We can check the reactions on the text, what was the impact of a design, the number of conversions, the favourite products your costumers like and, the most important aspect, what are their emotions regarding your brand.

We always have to test and analyse a campaign, this is the only option if you want to grow and be better in online advertising. This does not mean to have many campaigns at the same time and test many things all at once, you need to find why a campaign did not work and find a solution to make it better next time. You can analyse your data on Social Media, in Google Analytics or in other automation tools.

In digital marketing we always learn from our mistakes, check why a campaign did not succeed and try to find a way how to do it better next time. In the online world we have the most amount of data at our disposal, so we use it wisely, because sometimes the e-business depends on how we work with the data. With the metrics we gather we are be able to make a story for every customer that interacts with us. The numbers can tell us from which channel did the customer land on our website, what device he uses, how much time he spend on your page and what was the trigger that made him buy.

In conclusion it is easy to fall in love with e-commerce if you get to know the audience, offer to the consumers a personalised experience, and measure the impact of every campaign. This is a way of saying, “hey, I know you and we look good together! Look at all this cool things we do when we go shopping online.”

If you still have questions that remained unanswered we are just a few clicks away. Ask us via the comment section below or contact us via email or phone and we’ll gladly answer.

Looking forward to meet you,
Julia Albert
Digital Marketing Specialist

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