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THE EVENT BRANDING KIT: Why you should have it NOW.

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Get the Event Branding Kit before time expires and you will receive a free 2 hours consultation with one of our experienced event project managers. Contact us now.

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Thinking about your upcoming events this spring? Stop thinking, start acting. We present to you the product of the season: THE EVENT BRANDING KIT.


It’s an all-in-one package DESIGNED especially for your event organizing needs. You’ll receive:

  • Event branding: 1 key visual and 6 derived images (You’ll need these: Event poster, Facebook Cover Photo, LinkedIn Background image, Website slider image and at least a pop-up). We’ll just need a brief and a meeting with you.
  • 3 presentation materials for the event. Choose what you need: flyers, brochures, event agenda, map and/or participant kit. Oh, and we can help you with printing these stuff, too.

Oh, and you always have the possibility to choose from a few “extras”:

  • The integrated concept. Have an idea but you don’t really know how to develop it? Don’t have an idea but you know what you want to achieve? We’re good at helping you with this, you just take a seat, relax and tell us what your objectives are.
  • Online services. All that posting & boosting seems too time-consuming for your resources? Quitting is not an option, since online promotion makes for about 90% of your end results. We can take over your online communication, with great results.
  • Project management before and at the event. Before, you’ll probably need us to contact some suppliers, make some production orders, plan and supervise everything so you’ll have enough time to manage all the other important stuff. At the event, we might come in handy when you need someone to rely on with logistics, following the program and managing all the parts involved so you’ll only enjoy the highlights and the networking.

Why you should HAVE IT NOW?

Let’s take an imaginary journey:  You, a few weeks before the event, wanting to start the communication for your event, in order to attract as many participants as possible. Ideas? Checked. Budget? Checked. Plan? Not really. Design? …not checked. This is the point where you panic, start searching for help in planning and a design freelancer or team, giving them brief, they start working, you give feedback, they work, you give feedback…it’s an endless loop, and it’s probably going to work out eventually, but you’re on a tight schedule and every day that passes means fewer people hearing about your event and much more compromises regarding your brand…

Why go through all that? You already know what you want from your event. Let’s talk, start work and make it happen!

 We’ve had a great success over time in designing & organizing events.  For Ziua Farmacistului  (June, 2017) we did everything from naming & branding the event to designing promotional materials (both online and print), project management before and at the event… and it we’re doing it again this year!

Yours dedicated,

The Loopies

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