Expo Inter Cars 2014

How it all began

Inter Cars, one of the biggest distributors of aftermarket auto parts in the world, prepared for 14-15 June 2014, at Brasov, the most interesting event of the industry in Romania – Expo Inter Cars.
The event was planned to be a big one, with 4000 auto professionals and important auto spare parts producers on display and providing specialized trainings for the participants (Bosch, Castrol, Comma, Valeo, TRW, LUK, Delphi, ZF, Mahle, Contitech, to name only a few…)

This was the fourth edition of the Expo, and since past events were a hit, this one had to exceed all possible expectations.


So where did we come in?

Loopaa organized the event. We took care of everything, from planning, to material design, online and offline communication, PR, logistics, you name it! We were there for the kill.
After months of sleepless nights, struggling to come up with innovative ideas, tons and tons of emails swapped between each other, solving unexpected, last-minute problems and even spending weekends at the office to manually glue advertising materials (yes, we are dedicated), we can say “We did it! And we did it with style!”.


Challenge surpassed

Expo Inter Cars 2014 was a huge success! It turned out to be the best edition out of all the previous ones.
Over 4000 professionals participated. 37 auto parts producers were on display, providing specialized trainings for the guests. Contests took place, challenging the participants theoretically and practically: the OBD Master competition, the dare of the Maze, the Goodyear raffle, and many other hands-on challenges. All of this took place at Brasov Business Park, on a huge surface of aprox. 5000 m2.


There are no words to describe how fun the fun part of the event was. Imagine Brasov Aqua Park with motorcycle stunts, spectacular concerts from Dj Sava & Raluka, V.O.XX from Bulgaria and Zdob & Zdub. The Inter Cars VIP Pool Party surpassed everyone’s expectations with its flame and laser shows and Luca Valentin’s bartending show.


Do you realize how incredible everything was? Expo Inter Cars 2014 had everyone impressed. And we are proud to have been a part of it! 😀 (as you can obviously see from this article)


See you next year. Till then, check out some pictures during the event: