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Google Analytics has never been this Sexy

Curs Google Analytics Liviu Taloi

Online marketing is to an extent the opposite of your grandpa’s political views. It changes regularly. A digital marketer who takes a few months off work might strikingly resemble the characters from the classic French series “Les visiteurs” in which a medieval nobleman, played by Jean Reno, and his squire accidentally time travel to the contemporary period. However, along with the rapid changes in the field are the virgin areas of those tools you already know about but with which you’ve decided to remain just friends.

At Loopaa we never take time off keeping up with the latest digital trends, unless there’s an awesome music festival in town. This is why when the Sexy Analytics workshop, by Liviu Taloi, was announced at Forrest Hill hub, in Cluj-Napoca, we immediately knew that it will be an exciting opportunity to take our relationship with one of the main digital marketing tools, Google Analytics, to the next level.

Our expectations have been exceeded. Rewinding the full-day workshop, it started with the existential uncertainty about whether this really is the right place to be. After the warm welcome both from Liviu and an Amazon Alexa device, plus the mouth-watering chocolate chip cookies, our doubts vanished.

Apart from familiarizing with the quite basic Google Analytics functionalities, such as the custom reporting options, the goals settings or the users’ behaviour flow, the participants were taught hands-on how to use Google Analytics for optimizing their website pages. The workshop wasn’t a collection of elementary tips and tricks provided by a technical trainer (although Liviu does have a solid engineering background noticeable in the well structured presentation and the passion for statistics). Instead, the workshop was a delivered promise to help the participants take effective business decisions in accordance with the analysis based on the data collected from Google Analytics.

Between the most valuable things we’ve explored we mention the cohort analysis, the competitor benchmarking and the enhanced e-commerce plug-in. At the end of the workshop, after several coffee breaks, networking and a group selfie, we confidently state that it was a well spent day off from the mighty Loopaa headquarter. And if you’ve scrolled straight to the conclusion, just bear in mind the following three things which Liviu emphasized. Firstly, use any tool exclusively in the service of your business decisions; secondly, always apply the 10/90 rule – invest 10% of your resources in the actual tool and 90% in the staff who will get to use it; and thirdly, never forget that cats do indeed sell.

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