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How to make people love your brand?


We often find ourselves in the middle of a misconception that if the price is high the brand must be premium. And while a premium brand means a high price it also means something that everyone is longing for but not everyone can afford. Which means you will have a niche audience and probably decades of work to do.  If you are not up for that we have an alternative solution: create a lovemark brand.

Having a lovemark brand is still a long-term commitment you have to make to your product, business and customers. Also, it does not automatically mean that your business will be more profitable. At least not on a short term. Although having a lovemark allow you to have more affordable product and a broad targeting.

We’ve made a list of things that will help your brand be lovable and unforgettable.

Concept – Define your goal

You must ask yourself why are you doing what you are doing? Also think of what do you want to achieve? Create a new concept that represents your goal and choose your audience to speak to. It’s not necessary to convince everybody just the right people, who will believe in your business and product.

Once you have it, put your goal in material terms, transform it into a product or service. Make sure your product is at its best quality. Do the research on the market, know your competition and your idea’s value and price it correctly. Add a unique and stylish packaging which represents your brand. This way your product is guaranteed to stand out. Think about the product and its functionality and add juuust a little bit of a twist that will make it way better.

If you can’t add a twist to the product, add it to the packaging. Create a unique even functional packaging that your clients might want to keep. You can also make it clean and pretty or hide a message. The key is to offer an experience.


creative packaging

Go crazy with your product packaging, make your customer want to keep it, talk about it and show it to others.

creative packaging 2

Hide an element in it, let them be surprised or simply add a hidden message. It doesn’t cost much but it will make huge difference once is spotted.

creative packaging 3

If you don’t feel like playing around, just keep it modern and clean.


Visual presence – create a personality

Make your logo smart, choose colors that are modern and symbolize your idea and your product’s personality.


logos 2

On your website stay true to your visual aspect, keep it clean and tell your unique story. Introduce your color palette in everything you can because details make the difference. Present your product from a different point of view and create a real shopping experience. If you have a physical shop of a showroom, let is reflect your brand’s personality.

User/client experience

Make sure that the people you hire are on the same page with you, they know and believe in your product, and they will become your most important brand ambassadors. Bad client service can break your business. Remember, these people have first-hand contact with your customers so make sure, more than ever, that they are properly prepared, truly want to work with you and they can add something valuable to your business.

Create a personal relationship between your brand and your customers. Engage emotionally and offer them experience for their 5 senses. Make it a culture for people to want to be part of the community you are representing.

Client service

Once your client has something that finds unsatisfying, is already a delicate situation. Make sure you find someone who is dedicated to solving the problem and is a great communicator. Keep the process simple otherwise your client will not go back to you to solve the problem but it will surely tell others about it. Negative news spread fast.

Communication – be yourself

Be authentic and consistent, don’t try to sell just to sell. Deliver a real value to the people who are buying from you. Pay close attention to what customers are telling you. Use great copy and quality images to communicate about your product and brand. Don’t try to oversell or force selling with fake or too many, flashy discounts. In other words, make sure your communication is top-notch.


Whether we talk about distribution partners or the ones that take part in marketing or sales processes, you have to choose the ones that are compatible with your business. For example, if you choose to do your website, photos, packaging with someone that is not a specialist, you might end up paying twice for the same service as you will have to redo all the work. Another example is, that if you choose to distribute your products through a certain reseller that does not share your values and vision, it might be associated with your brand and products. Delivery partners are important too, as they have direct contact with your client. If anything goes wrong, as far as the client knows, it’s a delivery services that you provided directly.

Loyalty – make your client want to talk about you

Make your customers want to be loyal to your brand. They will not only return for more shopping but will promote and recommend your brand.  Give them small items that can expose in their homes or take with them. They will proudly do it. Link it to your product. It might be something functional, a cute message or as simple as a sticker or a thank you card.

How many of these do you check off? These are just a few common examples that you can follow but you can do anything that feels right for you and you customers.

Let us know about your great ideas 😊.

Yours dedicated,

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