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Loopaa proudly presents: MK 4 IT panel @ IT Week Cluj!

it week

IT Week is one of the most important events dedicated to professionals in the IT industry in Romania who want to learn from the best. The event aims to create a professional environment that facilitates networking, by inviting international and local experts to conduct specific workshops.

Aaaaand, Loopaa is proudly co-organizing the event. Yes, we’re bragging a little, but it’s such a great opportunity to be part of this project! We’ve prepared a list of great speakers and very interesting subjects to discuss on the 3rd day of IT Week Cluj, at the Marketing for IT Companies Track.

Made you curious? Well, I guess I can tell you a little more then 

We’ve discussed earlier about what it means to be a marketer in the IT world. This time, at IT Week, we’ll go further into the subject by analyzing the marketer’s role from (very) different points of view. You’ll learn that the new marketer is sometimes regarded as “the geek marketer”, as Tudor Galos from Microsoft will explain to us.

But not everyone sees it that way. Raluca Anghel from the European Parliament has a rather interesting approach – it seems that a marketer’s job in the IT Sector is not just about being geeky, but also about being very good at creating stories. Raluca will introduce us to a world of new possibilities by talking about “thinking outside the borders & evaluating what the EU has to offer”. Just a little politics to spice up the old what’s-out-there-for-the-IT-companies.

We’ll also have Victor Gavronschi, Loopaa’s fearless leader, sharing a few IT insights with us – this time, from the agency’s point of view. His topic, however, is still classified at the time of writing. Rumors say he might be up to something big, juicy and earth-shattering, but we don’t know anything more about this…

Nonetheless, there will be presentations and workshops with Nicoleta Benga – Account Manager – Marketing Solutions LinkedIN, Ioana Sigarteu – Digital Marketer @ Samsung and Alin Vlad – Director of Online Sales and Marketing @ Heimdal.

See the full agenda here.

Until the event, stay tuned on our Facebook page! We’ll reveal more and more interesting stuff every day!


See you on the 19th of November!

Alexandra Zăinescu



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