Loopaa reveals the most beloved Cluj brands

Once upon a time, there was this bunch of advertising addicts, gathered within a creative playhouse named Loopaa, who were very curious about the marketing realities in Cluj-Napoca.

They wanted to know which are the most beloved brands in our beloved city, and since there was nobody to shed light onto this matter, they took the matter into their own hands.


So, what did the loopies do?

They set out on a noble quest, conducting the first ever market research which analyzes the affection that Cluj-Napoca people develop towards local brands and the relationship that is established as a result of this.

A survey was constructed, hundreds of copies were administered and thousands and thousands of appraisals, views, opinions and judgements were recorded with the aim of finding out the most appreciated brands.
With ups and downs, highs and falls and other marketing struggles, the journey was not an easy one for our loopies…


So, what happened? Did they slay the dragon of unknown?

This rollercoaster ride has come to an end. The heroes of our story have won the battle. The most beloved brands in our most beloved city have been discovered and they are sitting victoriously on their pedestals.


Wanna know who they are? 

Just click here and download a booklet with all of the research results (in Romanian). See which are the most known and loved brands, the most used, what makes them stand out in the crowd and what makes them irreplaceable to consumers.

All powered by Loopaa.

Media Partners: I love Cluj, Clujul Liber, Campus Cluj.