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Why we loved GPeC 2017 and what is in it for you if you are in eCommerce

GPEC 2017

Advertising and marketing are ever-changing, just like human behaviour. If you are not hungry for information and if you are not fighting for adapting your methods, the industry will eject you out of your clients way.

This is why we went to GPeC Summit 2017 (Gala Premiilor eCommerce Summit 2017) and we loved it. Why so?

It was a 3 day conference about the eCommerce overview, with facts and figures about online shopping, consumers’ behaviour, conversion rates, mobile data, benchmarks, and practical workshops about SEO, Conversion Rate Optimisation, e-mail marketing, content marketing, Google Analytics, mobile marketing, social media and PPC.

All of this gave us an update in eCommerce.

We found out what other specialist are doing, how we stand in comparison with them, what we are doing well and what we can learn from them. The magic is that all of the new things we learned we will implement in the marketing of our partners.

This Is All For You

We are your dedicated marketing agency, and because of this we make sure to invest in our team so we can (serve you better) deliver better results to your business.

What Is Very Important For You To Know

Romanian shoppers only visit on average 9 shops with high frequency. The market for eCommerce in Romania is still growing very fast (the leader had a 45% growth last year), so don’t waste time, and start now, do more.

If you invest in online commerce is mandatory to be up to date. We are here for you, but you should also keep up, so we can look together in the same direction.

Let’s talk about what we learned at GPeC 2017. Join us for a coffee.

Yours dedicated,
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