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Marketing 4 IT: current challenges in Marketing and HR in the IT sector

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Remember this MarComics episode? 

The final countdown

Well, we managed to pull off an event in less than a month and to avoid the whole straight jacket situation. All that was possible due to a team driven by passion for marketing and the urge of constant improvement.

But the most important thing is that Marketing 4 IT gathered marketers and HR specialists from the local IT sector and brought valuable speakers, in order to share knowledge about the current challenges in Marketing and HR and the future trends.

Let’s take a look at the main subjects.

Big data isn’t news anymore, but Tudor Galos from Microsoft gave us really useful insights and suggested several tools to use when planning any marketing action. That’s how he introduced us to the new marketer, the geek marketer, who is, in fact, the growth hacker. Tudor also said that the greatest benefit of IT companies, of which they should take advantage, is the product.

LinkedIn is one of the most suitable mediums for B2B communication. Nicoleta Benga clarified how to do content marketing and explained that, for IT products, the sale process in actually an education process. We have to make our future customers understand how the product can help them.

Marketing is exploding, as Ioana Sigarteu from Samsung said. There’s no constant in marketing except the constant change. We have to adapt and react, that’s what agile marketing means.

Raluca Anghel asked us and we’re asking you now: when is the last time you revised and improved your company’s story?

Until you answer the question, we want to share Raluca’s basic principles of storytelling: clarity, coherence, emotional connection and, the gold rule, simplicity.

You don’t need to have jaw-dropping budgets to deliver value to your customers, and Alin Vlad from Heimdal is all about inbound marketing on a budget. You don’t have to buy the attention, you can earn it. And the best way to do so is by constantly delivering valuable content to educate your audience, being passionate and generous and meeting your customers’ needs.

Victor Gavronschi, Loopaa’s CEO, discussed 2 current (and pressing) matters for the IT industry: the issues of the outsourcing model and the ways of building a strong employer brand, through communication and a good relationship between the Marketing and HR department.


That’s all for now folks.

Great thanks to all the attendees at Marketing 4 IT and the speakers for sharing their knowledge.

Also, we want to give special thanks to our sponsorsBeletage, Vin-de-vie, AV Media and media partners:, Satu Mare Online, Vocea Transilvaniei, Monitorul de Cluj, DoruȘupeală.ro, IAA Young Profesionals Cluj, Libero Events,,,, JCI Cluj și Valentin Vesa.

Hope you enjoyed the event if you were there. As for the ones who weren’t, make sure to stay up to date with our activities by subscribing to Loopaa’s newsletter.


Yours dedicated,

Ioana Pop

Online Marketing Specialist

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