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Marketing KPI Stories: Customer’s potential

Marketing KPI Stories - Customer’s potential

We are starting a new week of work with another Marketing KPI Story  – Customer’s potential. 

KPI name: Customer’s potential

Definition: The estimated value that a partnership with a customer brings for your business by any channel possible and for all range of products and services.

Variation and related KPI’s:

Value of the customer (sales value and profit value)

Lifetime value of the customer

% of turnover with the customer versus total turnover of the company

The extended value of the customer – includes the business open with other customers because of this customer.

Focus and targets: usually this is a KPI important in the B2B sector. The value of a normal partnership and that of a strategic partnership must be known by management. The entire commercial package for customers is suggested to be setup according with its importance for your business.

!!! In the same time, a costumers value over 10% of your total turnover is considered a commercial risk. In some cases, even 5% is too much, and management must find a solution to increase other customers in order to minimize the influence of such a customer for the business.

Stay tuned for the next Marketing KPI Stories

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