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Marketing KPI Stories: Conversion rate

Marketing KPI Stories - Conversion rate

When measuring sales performance, Loopaa strategy specialists recommend measuring the Conversion Rate KPI’s.

KPI name: % Conversion rate

Definition: The % of your total inquiries that actually buys in the end your company’s services and products, by any channel possible.

Variation and related KPI’s:

%  of returning customers from total inquiries  

% of new customers from total inquiries  

% of sales value of new customers from total sales of the company

% sales value of returning customers from total sales of the company

Focus and targets: all sectors, usually a business with a sales force, more important in B2B,  gives also an image of  customer satisfaction, or development of customers portfolio. If these rates are regressing, check first competition action than…. your own performance while listening to your customers’ voice.

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