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Marketing KPI Stories: Process Responsible

Marketing KPI Stories - Process Responsible

Do you know who is achieving the best results for your company? Learn more about this KPI and see the related KPIs too. 

KPI name: Process Responsible

Definition: Here we propose a KPI that is not that usual for marketers. Still, for those being in the position where marketing budget involves other departments too, having a map with all necessary marketing processes is mandatory. Why? Because to influence positively a KPI you must know who from the company is involved and why results depend on their activity.

Variation and related KPI’s:

Marketing Roles

Who is reporting What?

ISO Quality management

Focus and targets: suitable for almost all business. It is mainly a MANAGEMENT function to monitor the processes and responsibilities of the management team, but as a marketer  you can not ignore colleagues and processes from your company that affect ROI of the marketing budget.

“It is sometimes complicated but 100% possible.”

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