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Marketing planning

marketing planning

They say that if “plan A” doesn’t work, the alphabet has many more letters. But, in business, that leads to wasting lots of precious resources. Marketing Planning is all about not letting that happen, about finding and taking the best way to success and doing it right from the beginning.

So, if you have a product you’d like to launch or a compelling campaign you’d like to see take shape, here’s the plan –

Step 1: Find a capable marketing agency that can help you envision all aspects related to that campaign, skillfully implement it and… Oh, wait! You’re already here. Well then, the rest is easy.

Leave it to us to give you a clear image of how to best bring your campaign to life.

Marketing Planning not only ensures that your communication endeavors are consistent, constant and integrated, but also forecasts necessary budgets, so that they may be properly sustained by your company’s cash flow, with optimal results.

Because getting there is not the only thing that matters; how you get there is also important. Because that journey of a thousand miles needs more than just that first step. It starts way before that and it involves – you guessed it – proper planning. And, speaking of steps –

Here’s how our approach to Marketing Planning works:

1. Analysis – First, we analyze your business model, your market and your competition. Then we identify your main needs and, consequently, the main goals of your campaign. This forms the basis for the second step.

2. Planning – The second step involves configuring the campaign or project that will be implemented. This entails:

> Establishing all the actions that need to be implemented, the time frame and necessary budgets for each of these actions;

> Establishing implementation roles;

> Establishing key performance indicators (KPI’s) and the tracking methods for each of them.

3. Implementationi.e. getting down to business. This is where all the good work from the previous steps shows its value and makes things go smoothly, as your campaign starts taking shape and reaching customers.

The creativity and multiple specializations we bring to the table throughout all of these planning steps make for superior results and rewarding collaborations.


So, if you ever need a man with a plan, or an agency with a plan in this case, contact us! We’ll make sure you feel you came to the right place.

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