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Marketing projects we are proud of…

Marketing Projects we are proud of

Marketing projects we are proud of, that you probably don’t know about (but you should)

Sometimes we are so involved into the marketing and creative projects we are developing that we forget to take a moment to enjoy the end results. In the past year we had some cool marketing and communication projects that we are proud of and now we want to share a part of them with you. We hope you like them as much as we do and we are looking forward for your feedback or ideas. 😉


New year campaign for


In Romania, tradition says that on the New Years Eve every woman has to wear red lingerie to have luck in the next year. Taking this into consideration, we encouraged Facebook fans to change their cover photos with one that has red lingerie from Astratex on it and then send us a direct message, to have the chance to win a brand new bra. Part of the fans still have that cover photo on their profile, even almost one year after the contest.

The Brand-Changing Experience

manual de brand LoopaaWe started this campaign having in mind one problem. We often see small and medium sized companies with a lack of brand alignment. To state the importance of having a strong branding strategy, as well as a brand manual, we created a video series, an event with our creative Loopies and a landing page from where you can download our own brand manual. Take a look at The Brand-Changing Experience.

Salad Box – Fan of the month

Fan of the month

Social Media is a very good place to interact with the people that are interested in your business, but also with the most enthusiastic clients or prospects. To increase the Facebook Engagement of the Salad Box fan page we created a monthly contest with the goal to reward the most active and loyal fan. This contest helped us get more positive feedback from the community and have a 60% engagement rate increase.

Santa Clause Garage

Santa Clause Garage

In this special project we challenged the auto enthusiasts to guess the news that one of the 7 partners (Motul, DENSO, Osram, KYB, Rombat, Continental & Edotec) would announce every day, for a week. Each participant had the chance to win products for their cars, offered by the Automotive AM partners.

See the Santa Clause Garage contest page

Pahumi – Fun for kids @ Safe for parents


IPahumi-websitet’s not an easy task to create a website and a brand identity attractive for kids and parents. We took this challenge and the end result is something we are proud of. From finding the perfect naming and developing the brand manual to website design, everything revolved around one special story that we invite you to discover here.








Broda – Survival kit

survival kit

All summer long, we love to go to concerts and festivals. Every participant gets his part of the fun… but what about the organizers? Broda wanted to help them enjoy more the work they do and rewarded them with a free survival kit.  Find out more about the campaign on this landing page.

We hope that we activated the creative side of your brain and we inspired you to think outside the box for the next marketing projects you want to create. Remember the saying that the best time to plant a tree was ten years ago and the second best time is now? It is the same for your marketing campaigns: if you don’t have a clear plan of what you want to do this autumn and winter, now is the second best time to get things rolling. Just do it.

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