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A Message for Marketers

Victor Gavronschi speaker

When I started working in marketing, almost 5 years ago, things were a bit blurry for me, considering what marketing really represents.

In the beginning, it just meant promoting and nothing else. But in time, I’ve realized there’s much more when dealing with marketing. As a marketer, you’re facing challenges almost every day: promotions, strategies, price offers, ways to communicate, unsatisfied customers, plans, budgets, events and so on. Your mind must be prepared for a continuous search of ideas and solutions.

And you know where the fun of it is?… You just get the chance to experience something new, that’s mostly unfamiliar to those that have other jobs. Of course, there’s a drawback: handling the “new” means testing and testing has a considerable rate of failures.

But what if, from this moment on, everything would go smoothly? Right budgets, enthusiastic approvals, satisfied customers, high ROI on every marketing action, what about then?

Honestly, I think it would be a disaster! “Why?” you would ask. It’s confusing?

I’ve come to the conclusion that only harsh conditions really boost true ideas, true imagination! And without ideas, why are we there for?

So, stop complaining and find solutions to get up there, first place!

Marketing has a special beauty, much apart from other domains. As someone said: Marketing is the boundary between the marketplace and the company; and that offers the unique opportunity of having a global perspective of both “sides”. Yeap, that’s why I love marketing, even though everyone points at us, the marketers, to come up with a brilliant idea every time something goes wrong and that’s pretty much impossible, but be sure we’ll try to do our best. Just have some faith and we’ll get you the results!

Yours dedicated,

Victor Gavronschi


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